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πŸ‘€ Who are we?

Let's Swile for a fulfilling work environment πŸš€

Swile is a worktech company launched in 2018 that is active in two countries (France and Brazil).
After several years, we are now proud to be co-leader of the employee benefits market. 🎊

More concretely Swile is ....
πŸ“±The first employee super-app that offers a unified, personalized and modern experience that boosts engagement at work!
πŸ’³ it's also a smart-card that brings together all employee benefits: reinvented meal vouchers, gift vouchers, a mobility benefit to reduce carbon impact, the ability to simplify business travel...

🀝By combining the best of both human and technological thinking, Swile is committed to driving the current changes in the labor market by positioning itself as a Worktech leader. We are moving towards a more fulfilling vision of the world of work for all employees!

Our mission? To co-build and deploy a new pact for the work environment that aligns the interests of employees and the company, and offers a unified, customizable and modern experience to meet everyone's needs and improve engagement at work.

😎 Your future position:

Swile is looking for a dedicated Staff Engineer to join our Engineering Team!
The Engineering team develops and maintains our worktech platform serving millions of clients in France and Brazil, via our mobile apps, our web apps, and our APIs.
Quality, excellence, and agility drive our delivery processes and you will help us level these up.
As a staff engineer, we expect you to bring significant experience acquired from a similar role in a former job.

πŸš€  Your future impact:

We are convinced that everyone matters. Everyone at Swile has a huge impact on our Business Strategy. And what will be yours?

As a Staff Engineer, you will be responsible for :

Strong architecture skills πŸ¦Ύ
β€’ Drive major architectural initiatives and cross-team technical projects from design to delivery
β€’ Participe to define the tech strategy and drive innovation, have very good devops practices, take care of production metrics and costs
β€’ Have key responsibilities within the requirements analysis, solution design, architecture, and end-to-end delivery of key modules in order to provide business solutions

Hands On (Craftmanship) πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»
β€’ Deliver testable, maintainable and high-quality code and take operational responsibility for the components that you develop
β€’ Hands-on code contribution and helping teams architect business-critical systems
β€’ You will immerse yourself in your team’s software development lifecycle to have a hands-on impact and increase the speed and quality of development practices

Collaborate with multiple teams πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦
β€’ You’ll interact every day with Developers, Engineering Managers and Directors, SREs, Product Managers and Security to coordinate and keep everyone aligned with our security and code quality standards
β€’ Work closely with the Product and Business teams to define and understand end-user requirements, and translate them into pragmatic technical solutions. Participate in technical meetings with our top clients to guide their usage of our platform and APIs
β€’ Have a high-level overview of team technical issues and challenges for shaping the technical roadmap of the engineering team

Mentoring and influencing engineering community πŸŽ“
β€’ You will be one of the Tech Voice of Swile with an important focus on evangelization, role model and tech leadership
β€’ Coach and help developers to grow and improve, be a skilled leader to them
β€’ Mentor and train other team members on design techniques and coding standards, and to cultivate innovation and collaboration across multiple teams

Excellent tech speaker 🎀
β€’ Your written and verbal communication skills are top notch and the ability to present complex technical information in a clear and concise manner to a variety of audiences is highly valued
β€’ Internally :
- Being able to have cross-team interactions, good communication skills, to coworkers and to other company teammates
- Participate in the staff engineering community and help us learn from what the industry is doing and what we've built before, and so improve company wide standards around software and systems engineering
- Strong team player, with technical leadership. Show example and inspire coworkers
β€’ Externally :
- You shine technically thanks to your expertise through our communities and are able to make technical decisions that impact the company and have them applied operationally

πŸ₯‡Your future team:

🏒 Organization

β€’ At Swile, the Innovation department (150 tech) is divided into feature teams spread over our 5 Tribes 🦾
β€’ You will be part of a tribe and report to a director or directly to a VP Engineering
β€’ Our technology is mainly made up of web developers experienced in Ruby for back-end, JS Node & React technologies and frameworks for front-end and BFF, full swift iOS mobile side and full Kotlin Android
β€’ The Swile platform is made up of several web applications and micro-services, each of which has its own database and API. Our infrastructure is hosted on AWS and described in Terraform and Kubernetes
β€’ Joining Swile means working on a service with very high potential, which is deployed internationally and which involves real technical challenges: scalability, user traffic, B2B2C, payment…

✨It will be a perfect match if you:

- Demonstrate an ability to understand customer needs, business vision, and decisions πŸ’‘
- Have experienced: ideally 10+ years of relevant engineering experience or in a similar job
- Constantly deliver testable, maintainable, and high-quality code and take operational responsibility for the components that you develop
- Gladly welcoming, and regularly giving feedback to your team and to other Swilers
- Thinking in terms of what's best globally for the company rather than locally for your projects
- Constantly looking out for new tools, taking initiative and proposing improvements, passion for growing, developing, and guiding people

πŸ”₯ Our hiring process:

We have a 5-step process. 5 steps to convince you that Swile is the right choice for your future career.
During those steps, you will meet:

1. Marie of the Hiring Tech Team - 45'
2. Pierre-Alain, VP Engineering - 60'
3. Architecture interview during 1 hour -
4. 2 Swilers from another department for a cultural fit meeting during 45 minutes
5. Eric, our CTPO - 60'