Swimply Summer Gig - 2024 Intern

Miami, Florida
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What We Do
Swimply is an online marketplace that allows homeowners to share their passion spaces with their local communities. We started with swimming pools which took us to $20M+ in 2 years, but pools are just the beginning. We’re creating a new category within local experiences. Think AirBnB for swimming pools, hot tubs, tennis courts, and homes by the hour!

Wall Street Journal
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Swimply is offering high school seniors and college students (18 and older) the opportunity to earn substantial income and learn essential small business ownership skills including marketing, customer service, and management through the Swimply Summer Gig program.

Swimply is a marketplace for home amenities including swimming pools, hot tubs, tennis and pickleball courts, and much more! With homeowner permission, you can list these spaces for rent by the hour on Swimply. Your Swimply is your own small business-- control pricing, availability, types of bookings, all with ease from the Swimply app. Set competitive prices, take great photos, and deliver a wonderful experience to guests in order to earn tens of thousands of dollars this summer!

Find out more about the program here: https://swimply.com/how-you/summer-gig?utm_medium=job_postg&utm_source=lever&utm_campaign=miami_post

Key Responsibilities

    • Must have exclusive access and permission to manage a private swimming pool, hot tub, cold plunge, tennis or pickleball court
    • Passion for running a small business and building community
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    • Strong organizational and planning skills
$50 - $200 an hour

We will partner with you giving you a frictionless experience and making sure you are comfortable and in the best position to provide a great hosting experience!