Back-end Developer - NodeJS (Mid/Senior)

Warsaw or Remote /
Back-end /

Job description:

    • You'll be architecting and implementing backends and their interactions with various data stores and other APIs to enable cutting-edge SV startups to do what they do best.
    • You'll be deploying your software using industry standard tooling like Kubernetes clusters, Lambda functions.
    • You'll be expected to care deeply about security in everything you do and to constantly raise the baseline of how we defend our user's data against external threats and themselves. Your implementation will not end with your code, but with a container running in an environment.
    • You'll be implementing robust automated test suites to ensure high quality and low failure rate of delivered code.
    • You'll be working DevOps style to make sure Defence-in-Depth principles are followed and containers are as secure as humanly possible.
    • You will have huge creative freedom and ability to influence the project, so you will take ownership and responsibility for what you do.
    • You will have a lot of chances to develop your programming skills as well as learn a lot about how tech business is done in the US (if you want to).

Job requirements

    • Expertise in at least one backend technology e.g. Java/.NET - if you feel you are a great software engineer, will learn Node.js quickly and want to learn it,
    • We use Node.js, so Node.js experience is super appreciated though,
    • Good practical knowledge of at least one database system, e.g. PostgreSQL/MongoDB,
    • Experience in creating well-designed APIs,
    • Experience in utilising good security practices,
    • Ability to discuss and decide on software design and architecture,
    • Independent problem solving, but also being an excellent team player,
    • Good command of English (written & spoken),
    • Readiness to learn and expand your skill set as required by ongoing projects.

    • What you'll be using after joining us (we can teach you as needed):
    • Node.js + TypeScript,
    • Docker and container-based deployment technologies (e.g. Kubernetes/Fargate),
    • Automated software testing on unit/integration/end-to-end levels.

    • You will get extra points for:
    • Hands-on experience with Node.js and/or TypeScript,
    • Proficiency in PostgreSQL or MongoDB,
    • Familiarity with Docker/Kubernetes/AWS deployment processes,
    • Experience in creating projects from scratch,
    • Experience with profiling and performance optimisation,
    • Experience in giving high quality feedback during code review,
    • Knowledge of testing JavaScript code (Jest/Mocha/Chai/CodeceptJS).

What's in it for you?

    • Working with US-based startups and Fortune 500 clients on demanding but at the same time rewarding projects,
    • Non-corporate work environment where you are given a lot of freedom,
    • Experienced PM and QA support,
    • Regular code reviews policy,
    • Flexible working hours,
    • Fantastic loft style office space in downtown Warsaw (numerous commuting options and a space for your bike),
    • The form of employment of your choosing,
    • Private medical care, reimbursement for courses, conferences and English lessons, gear with apple logo and large dell monitor, chill room with table football&Playstation 4, MultiSport, concierge service, free snacks, drinks and ice-cream in the office.