Blockchain Engineer (Solidity)

Blockchain – Blockchain Development
Swish is a world-class development studio whose teams have delivered products for Google, Microsoft, Kik, Nasdaq, Factset, and other major enterprises. The blockchain engineering team at Swish is looking for talented Solidity engineers to design and implement decentralized applications. Our mission is to bring the promise of a decentralized blockchain-based future to reality for clients.

As a blockchain engineer, you will write smart contracts in Solidity, create dapps, work with security auditors, integrate with modern web development frameworks, and containerize your work. We acknowledge that the blockchain space is in its infancy but prior experience with smart contracts is required. You should have prior experience developing high quality server and blockchain architecture and be excited about doing that at a studio that is transforming the way companies run their businesses.

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about being at the forefront of a new technological paradigm and can lead the design and development of scalable applications. A successful candidate will bring deep analytical ability, a security-first mindset, and the ability to deliver results within a fast-moving, agile environment.  We are also looking for:
Strong communication skills
Experience with measuring and improving server response times in different conditions and environments.
Experience with unit and integration testing, continuous integration, and deployment workflows.

You should be motivated by a desire to solve the most important problems, obtain unprecedented results, and push your methods to their maximal performance.


Write secure, well-documented, well-tested Solidity smart contracts
Write code to interface with data stores, including databases (relational and non-relational) and a blockchain
Design, implement and document clear and consistent APIs to be consumed by web and mobile clients
Guide product decisions


1+ years experience with Solidity/Ethereum development
3+ years of experience in a software engineering role
Familiarity with a modern web development framework such as Python (Django/Flask), Ruby (Rails), or Javascript (React/Flux)
Familiarity with container software (Docker / Kubernetes)
Comfortable operating in dynamic environments

Bonus Points

Background in cryptography, networking, or distributed systems
Proficiency in React/Flux, Node, Drizzle, Truffle, cryptoeconomics, or protocol-level blockchain development
Contribution to open source software
Degree in STEM field, especially software engineering or computer science related.
Interested in other emerging technologies such as machine learning.
Track record of migrating legacy infrastructure to modern stacks.
Experience in small start­up environments helping large enterprises.
Experience with a distributed team.

About Swish

Launched in February 2013, Swish is a fast-growing business with an innovative working culture and teams spanned across the world with teams in Toronto, San Francisco, Berlin, Auckland, Bruxelles, Medellin, and others.

We create products for successful business using cutting-edge technologies: Blockchain, Machine Learning, and Apps Dev. We craft solutions to corporations such as J.Crew (fashion/retail), Nasdaq (finance), Gatorade (consumer goods), Prudential (banking/insurance).

Working with Swish puts you in contact with prestigious brands, wherever your base is.

We are a 100% remote-work company because we believe it is everyone’s choice to live and work the way they like.

Work is organized in sprints - 2 weeks periods to which, as a member of our talent community, you choose to commit. You always have the choice to accept or decline a sprint, or take-on multiple sprints simultaneously.

We let members choose what suits them best depending on their current situation: family, travel, studies, finance. We know life is not linear and we respect the humans behind the screens.

Swish ethics rely on six core values: Transparency, Directness, Meritocracy, Autonomy, Responsibility, Learning.

Ensuring a diverse and inclusive workplace where we learn from each other is core to Swish Lab’s values. We welcome people of different backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and perspectives. We are an equal opportunity employer and a fun place to work.

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