Software Engineer Intern (Scala)

Lausanne, Switzerland /
Engineering /
Headquartered in Switzerland with additional offices in Toronto and London, SwissBorg aims to fundamentally change the way individuals manage their wealth. As a product obsessed team, we believe that advanced technology combined with an intuitive user experience will empower people to invest with more freedom, confidence, and belief. 

In 2018, we successfully raised funds from over 23,800 global participants who share our vision of a wealth management industry with more community-centric values. We are now working towards the next phase of disruption. In Q4 of 2019, individuals across the globe will have the opportunity to purchase digital assets such as Bitcoin at the best prices and become members of our ecosystem to unlock first of its kind investment features.

Regarding the internship:

SwissBorg designed several services using the Event-Sourcing pattern. In the Scala world, the reference framework for doing so is Akka-Persistence which rely on Java JDBC behind the scene if you want to use PostgreSQL as a datastore.

JDBC is a legacy API which makes it hard to write high performance code.

You will build a new Akka-Persistence connector based on Skunk ( This will allow to use new paradigms (push), proper streaming and will allow to optimize properly the code.

The resulting code should be open-sourced.

Required skills

    • You know about functional programming and have written some code in Scala before
    • You have a general knowledge of algorithms
    • Willing learn how to profile code and what are the steps to optimise code for speed
    • You are organised and pay attention to details
The internship will be remunerated.