Principal Software Engineer

San Francisco

The world’s leading brands trust Symphony Commerce as their partner in opening and growing online sales channels. The platform we build provides brands a single tool that orchestrates the entire flow of commerce from the online store through delivery, including inventory and fulfillment. Unlike most commerce offerings, our focus is creating a platform where it’s easy to create a customized and scalable commerce experience.

What makes our platform compelling to users is also a major technical challenge for our engineering team, since we cover the same scope traditionally provided by 3 or more different technologies. This range gives us the opportunity to work on a wide variety of problems as an engineering team, and enables us to do things that are almost impossible on other platforms (like real-time availability changes on the website.)

As a Principal Engineer at Symphony, you’ll be helping lead the transformation from the “1.0,” which is largely based around three monoliths, to a more fully distributed service oriented architecture. We’ll also be tackling how to make our platform more configurable, so brands with custom needs (such as prescriptions) can extend our functionality without the fear of fragmentation that typically occurs in “marketplace-focused” offerings.

If you love tackling difficult technical, product, and security challenges, and helping guide and mentor others in the team alongside you, then we’d love to talk.


    • Lead the architecture and design of our platform, including our migration toward more globally distributed services and enhanced security of our platform.
    • Raise the bar in terms of code quality, helping our teams ship software more often.
    • Work with our executive team to develop our technical roadmap, then help execute it.
    • Coach and mentor our junior team members as they tackle and solve increasingly complex problems.


    • Expertise in cloud software development and architecture, including designing applications in heterogenous provider environments.
    • 3+ years developing large, multi-tenant SaaS technologies.
    • Bonus points if you’ve also had to build platforms that had to be highly configurable.
    • Passion to find (and help other seek) elegantly simple solutions to often complex problems in an environment where speed to market matters.
    • 5+ years of technical leadership with significant experience on designing and developing large scale distributed enterprise cloud application and platform services.
    • Experience designing and developing service oriented architectures in an at-scale environment (>10e4 requests/second), including migration of larger monolithic applications to a service framework.
    • At least 2 years working with frontend teams to develop high performance web applications (bonus points if you’ve worked with NodeJS, Go, or Angular.)
    • Expertise with a wide variety of storage architectures, including relational and nonrelational data stores.


    • Place trust in your coworkers, support ideas with data, and adjust your approach as needed.
    • Ask for advice, don’t assume you have all the answers, seek to learn something new every week.
    • Learn to see the world through your customer’s eyes. Ensure your work has had the right impact, and be a constant advocate for fixing bugs and making improvements, however small.
    • Speak up when you see a risk, are getting behind, or need help and encourage others to do the same.


    • Full medical, dental, and vision insurance
    • Retirement (401k)
    • Free catered meals and office snacks
    • Central location in SoMa
    • Great people