Senior Software Development Engineer in Test*

San Francisco

This end-to-end Software Development Engineer in Test position will be responsible for designing and implementing automated and repeatable key ordering and checkout scenarios on Symphony Commerce's e-Commerce platform. You will build a production framework in the Cloud to monitor the health of our commerce business and protect our most revenue critical code. This is an excellent opportunity to architect an end to end automation solution.


    • BS Degree in CS or related field
    • Managed e-commerce platform- Best shopping experience across web, tablet, and mobileCommerce logistics, 3PL, and inventory management built from the ground up
    • Scalability - intelligent cluster management, distributed system architecture, real-time system health monitoring and alerting
    • Analytics framework to support big data analytics and business reports.
    • 5 years of experience as a Software Engineer, Test Engineer or similar
    • Will accept MS + 3 in lieu of BS + 5. Experience must be post-baccalaureate but may be gained prior to master’s degree
    • Must have at least 3 years of experience in each of the following:
    • Working on an internet scale production system serving live traffic with at least 50 million users
    • Using big data tools like MapReduce, Hadoop, or Cosmos
    • Working with multiple terabytes of log data
    • Working with search based product decisions
    • Building, testing, and maintaining REST APIs
    • Designing and verifying service oriented architecture based designs
    • Working with an at-scale Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) like SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL on an internet scale application
    • Working with multi-threading, transactional locking, lock free data structures
    • Working with an offshore operations team to develop best practices, troubleshooting guides, and designated responsible individual (DRI) field guides for a high availability (99.9+ SLA) system
    • Using a memory managed, garbage collected language like Java or C#
    • Using end to end based web automation technologies like accessibility APIs, Selenium, or Visual Studio Web Test recorder


    • Develop and maintain an integration test framework that exercises all middleware, data layer, caching components of Symphony’s ordering system
    • Develop developer friendly mock facades for our payment APIs, fraud service, caching service, tax computation service, and fulfillment and inventory service
    • Develop and maintain an end to end load test framework capable of simulating internet scale traffic that models human behaviors including simulated think time, purchase model funneling, and tail even simulations
    • Develop and maintain a set of transaction integrity monitoring tools to ensure that Symphony’s transaction records perfectly mirror the transaction records of our business partners like Stripe, PayPal, and Avalara
    • Conduct a failure mode analysis on Symphony’s live ordering pipeline to determine likely failure points and expected failure modes. Produce a set of recommended best practices for the team to reduce user impact of failures in the pipeline an reduce likelihood of these failures
    • Review and approve designs for ordering system service oriented architecture (SOA) migration strategy ensuring that each service is component testable, fault tolerant, and that component failures can be quickly detected and isolated to the responsible component

Why work here?

    • Competitive compensation structure
    • Full medical, dental, and vision
    • 401K plan
    • Members of the One Medical network
    • Fully stocked kitchen and bar
    • Dog friendly office
    • Excellent work/life balance
    • Be a part of the Commerce revolution with us

Symphony Commerce simplifies the way businesses sell online. Our platform eliminates the need for multiple technologies and vendors to deliver a beautifully branded experience every time. Shopping on our websites is faster, easier, and provides seamless customer transactions including fulfillment, shipping, and communications. Our results redefine ecommerce as a service: suddenly, businesses can affordably deliver shopping experiences previously unachievable by mid-market brands. With Symphony, brands get a comprehensive solution that integrates multi-channel ecommerce technology with best-in-class commerce infrastructure. They also enjoy transparent pricing, significant cost savings (with no upfront fees) and a platform that scales seamlessly with growth.