Care Coordinator

Chicago, IL /
Care Team /
Full Time
Provide direct consultation and support services on behalf of Synapticure to the ALS community across the US. You will be in charge of providing care coordination and support services to patients, caregivers and loved ones affected by ALS, and building relationships with partners to drive real, measurable change in how people affected by ALS are treated.  
Additionally, in the early stages of the company development, you will lead the development and execution of workflows, technology implementation and other documentation and plans to support the operational growth of an early stage company.

Synapticure is a for-profit entity that aims to give all ALS patients access to the best care while fueling the advancement of personalized treatments for every type of ALS. We do so by creating a guided journey for each patient, their caregiver and family that educates and empowers while facilitating access to critical tests and leading experts.  De-identified data is then used to both inform personalized treatments for patients today and to speed the development of new targeted therapies for each variant of ALS.
To serve thousands of individuals and their families diagnosed with ALS per year, Synapticure requires effective, knowledgeable and compassionate team members as well as competent, adaptable and forward-thinking individuals to execute on a new and exciting endeavor in the ALS community.

You are passionate about the power of targeted therapies and involving patient voices in these experiences and outcomes.  You thrive on direct communication with patients, caregivers and their loved ones and have a passion for working with vulnerable populations. You are thoughtful, organized, curious and empathetic; kind and sincere.  You love the ability to impact someone’s life and to learn from their experiences to continually improve.  You are eager to be involved in a program from inception and are comfortable with growth, change and evolution to meet the needs of the ALS community. You have a strong knowledge and understanding of current trends in ALS or related neurodegenerative disorders, terminal illnesses, targeted therapies and clinical trials, patient navigation and/or telehealth fields.  You are comfortable and confident with technology and providing insights and support to product and process development. 

Your Role
The Care Coordinator is a direct support to people affected by ALS. This person oversees the relationship, enrollment, documentation and care experience of ALS patients through the Synapticure program as well as the development of the Care Coordination team workflows and processes in collaboration with your peers and other leaders. 

Essential Functions

    • Establishes and manages compassionate relationships with and serves as the primary point of contact for clients, including those diagnosed, caregivers, loved ones, and the larger ALS community.
    • Adhering to HIPAA guidelines and standards, executes on initial patient intakes and ongoing patient support in order to coordinate connections to neurology experts, genetic experts and research opportunities that likely require the taking of biological samples.
    • Provides advocacy support on behalf of patients and families with clinical providers, billing and insurance companies, and other partners in the care team as needed.
    • Provides basic health education including information about diagnosis, treatment and care options, and research opportunities. 
    • Maintains accountability to ensure high quality standards in client and partner interactions ensuring the highest levels of privacy and confidentiality.
    • Develops and adheres to standardized processes including operating procedures, quality assurance and documentation, in order to create high levels of efficiencies and effectiveness.
    • Maintains positive and effective relationships within the multidisciplinary Care Coordination and broader Synapticure team to ensure a streamlined and supportive experience for patients. Collaborates with internal teams to ensure appropriate representation of Synapticure to external audiences.
    • Nurtures and maintains positive and effective relationships with medical and community partners.
    • Maintains working knowledge of research development and other trends and advances in ALS diagnosis, treatment and care. Speaks expertly internally and externally about the program and company.

Minimum Qualifications

    • Bachelor’s in Nursing, Nurse Practitioner and / or LCSW
    • 3+ years working in neurology and knowledgeable regarding neurodegenerative disease

Preferred Qualfications

    • Experience in direct case or care management.
    • Experience with insurance and billing/coding.
    • Experience handling and reviewing medical records.
    • Experience with clinical trials.
    • Experience in ALS, chronic or rare disease space.
    • Experience in a startup or organization that has experienced rapid growth and change.
    • Exceptional communication skills.
Travel Requirements:

This position is remote and work would be based in your home.  The necessary technology would be provided to work out of your home. Travel to Chicago, IL where headquarters are and/or other meetings may be expected.

Salary and Benefits:

Position is full time/exempt with competitive salary and benefits package including health insurance offering. Salary range for this role is competitive depending on the candidate’s level of experience