Technical Recruiter (In-house)

West London
People & Talent
Permanent - Full Time
We are looking for a highly capable Technical Recruiter to help us continue to find and engage exceptional engineering talent as we scale from a 50-person start-up to a 100-150 person company and beyond! In this role you'll need to use all of your experience of building mid to high volume recruitment pipelines while continuing to maintain our high technical bar!
The Project
Named as a "Technology Pioneer" by the World Economic Forum, Synthace is at the bleeding edge of biotech and a global leader in Computer-Aided Biology.
We're assembling a team of world class software engineers, developers and scientists to solve complex challenges that have never been addressed before.
Antha is our groundbreaking open source cloud based platform that has the potential to revolutionise biological research. It can be seen as an 'operating system for biology' - allowing processes that were previously highly manual and time consuming to be automated and linked into executable workflows that are reliable, shareable and scalable.
In practical terms, this means that we're building tools that can help to reduce the time needed for scientists to carry out research into things like curing Cancer!
You can read more about our recent awards and funding here (to see what all the fuss is about): 
What you'll be doing:
We've just gone through a successful Series B funding round, and we are positioning ourselves to scale rapidly, which is where you come in!
Reporting to the Talent Acquisition Manager, you'll play a vital part in growing Synthace's employer brand, engaging with the developer community, and raising awareness of the exciting projects and exceptional people they could be working with.
We're not looking for someone who is just a 'project manager' – we expect you to have sourcing skills too! We're looking for you to balance being a volume recruitment master and finder of 'needle in haystack' 'purple squirrels'! (Basically, we only hire amazing engineers, and we need lots of them!).
You'll be responsible for owning and ensuring a constant flow through some of our most important ongoing pipelines, helping us to identify, engage and assess game changing engineering talent.

Core responsibilities:

    • Providing an exceptional experience for candidates and hiring teams through timely and appropriate communication (we want everyone to enjoy the process, whether we hire them or not)
    • Managing the end to end recruitment process from leading briefing sessions, ongoing requirements gathering through feedback from teams, candidate identification, screening, assessment, and making offers (you know, being a recruiter!)
    • Being an enthusiastic subject matter expert, helping to manage the expectations of hiring teams while also helping to maintain their current level of engagement (we're lucky in that our engineers are super engaged and happy to help in any way they can – we want to keep it that way by continuing to provide a great service)
    • Conducting your own sourcing in addition to keeping on top of applications and referrals (we especially love enthusiasts of new sourcing hacks and tools – show us something new to really impress us!)
    • Ensuring accurate reporting, keeping the team informed of wins, issues and any potential blockers (if you love data as much as we do, this will come naturally to you)
    • Leading referral drives and organise events, meetups, and other activities to grow talent pipelines
    • Retaining a constant focus on ensuring a diverse pipeline of talent (we're a supportive and inclusive bunch, and we want to make sure we continue to grow in a way that attracts and encourages people who think differently, from all kinds of backgrounds)
    • Sharing knowledge and insights within the team as we grow, and help to coach junior team members (a key part of our culture is being supportive and helping each other to grow)
    • Conducting market mapping exercises, sharing insights and knowledge with the team and wider company (knowledge is power, and data is king!)
    • Identifying new sources of potential talent through your own knowledge of the market and the wider engineering communities
    • Managing relationships with recruitment agencies where appropriate (although, if you’re used to farming everything out to agencies you probably aren't who we're looking for – we only use them when absolutely necessary)
    • Contributing to improvements in recruitment processes, reporting and planning as we grow (if you've got great ideas and suggestions, your voice will be heard!)


    • Previous experience in a similar in-house role is important
    • You've successfullly hired high calibre Software Engineers against a super-high technical bar, ideally in a start-up that has scaled quickly and/or a large tech company with high volume requirements
    • An ability to think in a proactive way about creating talent pipelines, rather than simply placing ads or using agencies
    • A marketing/employer brand mindset (we've got an exciting journey ahead of us building awareness of how amazing it is to work here)
    • A genuine drive to want to have a positive impact on the world (we're building a platform that enables scientists to do great things, like cure Cancer faster!)

Bonus points for:

    • Additionally, if you have experience hiring exceptional UX or Product Management teams this would be useful, but don't worry if this isn't an area you've covered

Why work at Synthace:

    • Work with genuinely extraordinary people
    • Open, collaborative, and friendly culture
    • Challenging, groundbreaking and exciting work
    • Chance to be a part of the 'fourth industrial revolution', helping us to create tools and systems that allow scientists to do things like cure Cancer faster!