UX/UI Designer

Houston, TX
Tachyus exists to create technology optimize energy production for oil and gas producers. Design exists at Tachyus to ensure that we deliver delightful, intuitive, usable, beautiful product to our users. We need a UX/UI Designer to brainstorm potential user interface designs, to iterate with customers to find optimal solutions, and to create the most user-friendly software product available to petroleum engineers. As we scale to dozens of the world’s largest oil companies, this UX/UI Designer will expand Tachyus’ UX/UI paradigms and design standards.

The right candidate will bring experience as a UX/UI Designer working specifically on data-rich applications. As the UX/UI Designer at Tachyus, this individual will work closely with our Product Management, Field Engineering and Growth Engineering teams to gather and document user requirements, propose solutions for customer pain points, and provide the engineering team the specifications required to build a revolutionary prescriptive analytics product. The right hire will have strong opinions about visual branding, user-testing, workflow organization, and graphic design in general.

We are looking for someone who knows how to turn complex data-driven analysis workflows into elegant product designs that delight users. Additionally, we seek someone with deep empathy for our highly technical users.


    • Own all visual branding and graphic design across marketing, sales, and product management throughout Tachyus.
    • Work with the Product Management and Design teams to gather and identify user requirements.
    • Iterate with Field Engineers and customers on optimal usability workflows.
    • Expand standards for user-testing and user acceptance testing.
    • Rapidly explore the design space and present multiple solutions based on real data.
    • Become deeply familiar with petroleum engineering analysis challenges.
    • Absorb oil and gas knowledge and produce designs intimately suited to the domain


    • Demonstrated UX/UI design experience for data analytics products.
    • 5+ years in multiple UX/UI design roles focused on complex data-driven challenges.
    • Proven ability to interact with highly technical customers.
    • A portfolio of projects to share and discuss while interviewing.
    • Experience-driven opinions about user-testing and usability design using realistic data.
    • Workable knowledge of CSS/HTML, JavaScript, and modern web technologies


    • Experience working as a front-end engineer or UX designer.
    • Experience in enterprise application SaaS or on premises software design.
    • Experience conducting user testing and/or analytical research.
    • Past exposure to the oil and gas upstream sector.
    • Demonstrated success in a fast-moving start-up or design agency environment.
    • Working knowledge of data visualization across browsers and responsive design