Data QC & Integration Engineer

Latin America
Tachyus services are delivered off of complex and diverse source data from our customers, transformed into beautiful databases that enables our world class Artificial Intelligence platform to extract value.  The Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) process is crucial to our success and as such, we are seeking a self-motivated ETL Engineer with the right balance of ETL and database experience to join the team who has ideally had exposure to the complexities of O&G data.

Our ETL Engineer is expected to provide programming solutions using ETL Tools and Databases for data integration, standardization and synchronization projects. The Data QC process is an intermediate between the client and Tachyus data ETL process.  The objective of the role is to guarantee that Tachyus’ models are loaded with data that reflects the field situation in terms of geographical location of well heads, formations and completions, production and injection history, etc.  Also to ensure that any discrepancies/errors are detected and corrected very early on reducing rework due to data issues detected late. This will reflect in better/more accurate models and in the mitigation of the risk associated to having clients working with wrong data late in the project.

The job includes two key steps:1- Initial data QC - Receiving the client’s data and performing basic QC includingVerification of data integrityGeographical CoordinatesFormation tops / bottomsProduction  and injection history integrity (Volumes, days, dates etc.)Gas and water oil ratiosReservoirs/perforations vs. Allocated prod/injectionPerforming basic data calculations:TVDCompletion lengthsThe objective is to prepare and handle the data  in the exact format that Tachyus ETL requires 2. ETL Quality Control:  The objective is to verify that the data loaded into Tachyus corresponds to the data delivered by the client.  It comprises a full comparison between the two data sets and automatic detection of differences or data integrity issues.

Qualifications of the ideal candidate

    • 2-5 years experience Petroleum engineer/Geologist graduate/student with knowledge of O&G data management. - required
    • Excel high level - required
    • Demonstrated experience with SQL on any RDBMS -required
    • Commitment to programming with data: querying, validating, transforming, reporting, etc. - required
    • Interest in learning functional programming desirable
    • Intense intellectual curiosity demonstrated by past projects and experiences
    • Desire to work with a rapidly growing, values-driven start-up
The position is based in Argentina or Colombia. English and spanish fluency are required.