Data Physicist

Houston, TX /
Our data physics team develops algorithms to handle disparate data sets and arrive at intelligence critical to field operation. We also inform design of the product so that our customers can do science as quickly and easily as possible. A data physicist is much more than a traditional data analyst. You must be capable of using a detailed scientific understanding of the way the world works to constrain a problem space and arrive at real-world insight quickly.

Our algorithms perform analyses to manage reservoir depletion, predict equipment failure, recommend drilling and completion strategies, and optimize production. We are rapidly onboarding customers to our product and are looking for someone to maintain, refine and extend code that is already producing massive value for oil and gas producers.

You must have a genuine passion for radically improving efficiency and production in the oil and gas industry. You must want to work in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial company. You must love digging for wisdom in large, complex data sets.


    • Help to deploy existing algorithms to new customers
    • Work with database architects to integrate our client’s legacy data
    • Verify that existing customers are continuing to get value out of our products and quantify that value
    • Maintain, refine, and continuously improve algorithm code as our product and customers evolve
    • Focus on hybrid physics and data-driven models pertaining to log and seismic datasets to infer subsurface oil and gas properties automatically and accurately
    • Support in the development of hybrid physics and data-driven models pertaining to shale drilling and completions


    • PhD in Physics, Math, Petroleum Engineering, or Geophysics
    • At least four years industry experience doing quantitative analysis (data science) and physical modeling
    • Fluency in SQL
    • Fluency in a language commonly used for scientific technical computing (Mathematica, MatLAB, Python, etc)
    • Proficiency in machine learning, ANNs, and other data science techniques
    • Intense intellectual curiosity demonstrated by past projects and experiences
    • Desire to work with a rapidly growing values-driven start-up


    • Experience developing for the oil and gas industry’s needs
    • Past roles include leadership responsibilities in a fast-growing team
    • Demonstrated experience with hybrid physics and data-driven modeling