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Who we are

Tajir is the one-stop shop for mom-and-pop stores in Pakistan to buy inventory. Tajir is the first Pakistan-focused company funded by Y Combinator. Our latest funding round was led by Kleiner Perkins and YC Continuity, with participation from Flexport, Dylan Field (Co-founder & CEO of Figma), and Austen Allred (co-founder & CEO of Lambda School), among others. Learn more about us in Forbes and TechCrunch.

We have a small but mighty engineering team that has already built a vital service that tens of thousands of stores rely on every day. However, we have still only built <1% of our roadmap -- to build the rest, we need a world-class engineering and design team.

What sets us apart?

Our engineers know both "what" to build, and "how" to build it. At Tajir, engineers not only write code but also talk to customers, propose features, make product decisions, and solve complex operations challenges. Engineers stand at the vanguard of most major company initiatives.

We value humility above all else. We have no tolerance for inflated egos. Instead, we love working with humble engineers who understand they have lots to learn from their teammates.

We seek strong generalists, not framework/language specialists. We don't seek "MERN", "Django", or "Laravel" engineers. Instead, we seek engineers with strong software engineering foundations who pick the right tool/language for the job and understand how networking, operating systems etc. work under the hood.


    • Own complex features end-to-end, from design to implementation to release.
    • Ensure our systems scale to handle rapidly growing demand with minimal downtime.
    • Ensure high software quality and maintainability through appropriate design patterns, testing, and processes.
    • Continuously improve tooling to supercharge developer productivity.
    • Help assess, recruit, and mentor future engineers.


    • 3+ years in back end or full stack development.
    • 3+ years experience with SQL-based relational databases.
    • Experience building and maintaining a large, complex code base.
    • Experience with cloud based infrastructure like AWS, GCP, or Azure.
    • Appreciation for software design and process
    • Bonus, but not required: Python experience.

Our tech stack

Our Android app is built with Java and Kotlin using an MVVM Clean architecture. Our back end is built primarily with Python and Flask, and deployed to Google Cloud via Docker. Our data is primarily persisted by PostgreSQL.