Senior Data Engineer

San Francisco, CA
Tally helps people overcome credit card debt. Currently at Series B with $42MM in funding, Tally is the first automated debt manager for consumers. We help separate the burden of credit cards from the benefits, enabling people to use credit cards for their convenience and rewards without the stress of managing multiple payments or accruing unnecessary fees. Tally's vision is to automate consumers' whole financial lives, starting with America's $1 trillion credit card debt.

As an early stage data team, we are thoughtful and deliberate in deciding how we build.  At this point we’ve built a robust data platform on top of Airflow and Spark, but we only see this as the first step.   Data at Tally goes well beyond building data platforms and pipelines - we’re working on building data services that feed back into our core product that power Tally.

Core Technologies: Spark, Scala, Python, Airflow, EMR, ECS

Role impact:

    • Collaborate with business and technical teams across the company to identify opportunities to leverage data and deliver solutions that make theirs and our users’ lives better
    • Build and grow your career with an early stage team.  Explore and establish data best practices at Tally
    • Own the data services, platform, and pipelines that provide data critical to the success of Tally’s business

In this role we value:

    • Familiarity with using Python for data services
    • Interest in leveraging Scala/Spark to build data services and pipelines
    • Experience with the AWS ecosystem, specifically Redshift, EMR, and ECS/Fargate
A message from our leadership:

"One of our core values at Tally is 'Change shoes often.' We do this with our peers and our customers every day, and we want candidates to share in our commitment to empathy.  Empathy really is the foundation of inclusion, and Tally prides itself in being a company that prioritizes inclusion and diversity. We’re dedicated to creating a workplace culture where people are included and treated equitably."

Jason Brown, Cofounder and CEO