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Tank is a bi-coastal branding, design and marketing agency with studios in Cambridge, MA and San Francisco, CA. We are a strongly integrated group of researchers, strategists, designers, writers, technologists and organizers, bound together to create new brands, evolve existing brands and empower established brands. We think big and act small. Join us!

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Tank, periodically, offers a variety of contract work dependent upon customer demand and work scope.
During your time at Tank, you'll act as a full member of the team, actively working on a specific project and collaborating across Tank's multiple disciplines. Contract roles are typically available within our Design, Development, UX, Research, and Marketing teams.

Please share the type of position you are interested in and the location/dates/hours you'd be available. Submission of resume and sample work (if relevant) is required.
This is NOT an open position.
The purpose of this job post is to SOLELY enter your resume/portfolio into our database. This will allow Tank to collect your information and reach out to you, if in fact you match the needs to a particular project we are looking to assign outside of our current Tankers. Our database allows us to search recommended candidates based on ratings assigned during the review process of your submission.

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