Data Science & Algorithms Engineer

Tel Aviv
Engineering (Tel-Aviv)

Tapingo is a platform that powers the local commerce in and around US college campuses. 
This means we control and operate all sides of the marketplace - students buy on Tapingo to save time and money, they work on Tapingo to make money and merchants sell on Tapingo to grow their business.
This unique market position, allows us to hold the perfect mix of a B2C and B2B applications achieving full logistical and operational dominance - forming a new type of ecosystem.

Tapingo has unique data rich with information on the behavior millions of users, purchases and delivery drivers. As such, our Data Science and algorithms problems cover truly a diverse set of disciplines from NP-complete problems (In particular the traveling salesman), through prediction & recommendation engines, market equilibrium, pricing and more.

As a Data Science and Algorithms lead you will be responsible for building upon Tapingo's deep understanding of our users, orders, and delivery couriers to develop rich analytics, engagement, and critical business applications - the 'brain' that runs our day-to-day operations.
You will provide technical guidance in a number of aspects of data science, machine learning and engineering including hypothesis testing, analysis, modeling, and production deployment.
You will take part in a wide variety of decisions regarding different aspects of the product, from data collection to the UI and more.
You’ll work closely with the development team in order to take your prototypes to production.

Above all, your work will have an immediate impact the way people experiences local commerce.
You will work from our awesome office in Tel Aviv.


    • B.Sc. in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics or a related discipline.
    • Strong programming skills
    • Strong algorithms foundation
    • Experience with large data sets and distributed computing
    • Business oriented - You will be asked to deliver solutions to the most painful business problems and key stockholders.
    • "Can do" attitude with strong communication skills.