Internship (2nd year Bachelor) - Software Engineering

Delft, The Netherlands
OPERATE - TEAMS – Software Engineering
We are TBA, a fast growing company founded by TU Delft engineers and based in Delft.

TBA works on advanced software for container terminals, which includes everything needed to design new terminals, the planning and execution of terminal operations, and the control of automated guided vehicles and cranes. We develop advanced software to make the lives of terminal operators and planners as easy as possible. Terminal operations can be hugely complex. Vessels will discharge and load thousands of containers from all over the world. All the container moves have to be carefully planned and tracked so equipment and manpower can be used in the best possible way.

We offer:
An internship position in the team that builds our TEAMS product. The TEAMS product is designed to control all automated equipment on a container terminal. Monitoring and, if necessary, steering the operation is executed from a Control room on the terminal. Some other process points are used to enter specific information, such as the cab of a Quay Crane.

The purpose of this internship assignment is to give an insight in the technical an functional possibilities and the difficulties of introducing Apps in relation to TEAMS.

The chance to help us transform the way terminals get operated. Apply user research, creative facilitation and prototyping to design the ultimate user experience.

The Assignment:
The internship assignment consists of creating an App that can be used to visualize certain aspects of teams or provide an easy method to enter data. Together with the candidate we will choose a topic from a shortlist before the start of the assignment.
Typical topics on the shortlist can be:
Overview/analysis of current AGV traffic situation
- Visualisation of Container Handover between AGV and ASC
- Visualisation and analysis of ASC module
- Progress of operational planning and/or scheduling
- Workflow support tool for AGV rescue operation
Etc. etc.

Preconditions for this assignment is the use of TBA standards for GUI design and the use of TBA technology stack.

We are looking for the following end-results:

    • A report with the difficulties and solutions of creating any app that connects to the TEAMS product
    • A working app with the functionality as described in the final internship assignment
    • Documentation of the app

Our ideal candidate:

    • An intern who is eager to learn and thrives in our complex hi-tech environment.
    • Knowledge of JAVA7 or JAVA8
    • Some knowledge of SQL
    • Affinity with creating apps
    • Good communication skills in English.
    • A pro-active approach. Involve experts at TBA to explore
    • product requirements in depth.
Interested? Let us know! Please send us your resume plus motivation.
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