Senior Software Engineer

The Senior Software Engineer will be responsible for leading the development of the system from implementation, testing, deployment and maintenance.

Job Responsibilities

    • ·         Mo Monitor and optimise site performance, stability , scalability and security
    • ·         Troubleshoot and resolve issues with existing custom codes
    • ·         Experience with Laravel, MEAN Stack
    • ·         Experience in Magento or other Ecommerce Platform will be plus
    • ·         Experience in ReactJS required.
    • ·         Develop new technology through custom development where required
    • ·         Work with UI/UX designers on implementing site changes
    • ·         Write documentation of current and future configurations, processes and procedures
    • ·         Utilize web services to integrate with 3rd party applications
    • ·         Keep systems and framework up to date and upgrade to the latest release
    • ·         Collaborate with other departments, developers and 3rd party resources to develop new ways to enhance functionality and increase conversions
    • ·         Manage and coordinate efforts of multiple 3rd party resources
    • ·         Able to conduct code review of the fellow developers


    • At least 5 years’ experience with Laravel, or any other PHP framework development.
    • ·         Working experience in ReactJS
    • ·         Experience with PHP, HTML, Javascript, CSS
    • ·         Experience with responsive design standards is a plus
    • ·         Experience with source control system (GIT)
    • ·         Experience with XML-RPC, REST, SOAP and other web services
    • ·         Experience with Apache, MySQL, NoSQL, Nginx, Varnish, Redis
    • ·         Experience with AWS is a plus
    • ·         Experience with caching techniques
    • ·         Strong analytical and problem solving skills
    • ·         Past experience of working with other e-commerce platforms is a plus