San Francisco, CA.
Full-Time or Freelance
Teak is a branding and content studio. We describe what we do as a combination of the visual design of a branding firm, storytelling of a production company, and innovation of a digital agency.

Our long-term goal is pretty straightforward– we’re here to make things that inspire us, work with people that inspire us, brands that inspire us and remain dedicated to seeking out the inspiration that keeps us fresh, motivated and excited to get up every day and come to work.

We can start freelance or go full-time with the right person. Here's what we're looking for:


    • You have a diverse background across design and branding agencies, perhaps some client side (ad agency ok) and have extensive experience with branding work.
    • In fact you have so much experience that you’ve figured out what works, what doesn’t and what really matters in developing brand strategy that translates into amazing, effective and standout identity and messaging.
    • You live for the doing. You have impatience for any process that doesn’t translate effectively and efficiently into the real world.
    • You are fascinated by the whole concept of brands and are constantly seeking the best and most authentic path to create and maintain them.
    • You are also fascinated with process and strategy in many forms and love diving into product, corporate and systems strategy.
    • You’ve run countless focus groups, one-on-ones, branding workshops and interviews and have learned the right questions to ask, know exactly how to read between the lines and can spot insincerity a mile away.
    • You are a thought leader. Not because you say so, but because you have thoughts that other people want to listen to and follow.
    • You have a knack for explaining complex concepts in simple, human terms.
    • You thrive in a collaborative environment. You're committed to quality and craft. And you're incredibly versatile and energized by working on a big range of projects.
    • You have passions outside of work that make lunch conversations more interesting.
    • Perhaps most importantly, you're nice and like to be around other people.
Our working environment:
We don't want to change your working style– everyone has their own way. All we care about is that your work is finished on time and up to our high standards.
Every day here is different. We work with lot of great clients in all different kinds of media. One thing that is consistent– we focus on doing vs. talking about doing.
We've got a stocked fridge, constantly brewing Peet's and Philz coffee and nice bathrooms.
We're not owned by a giant holding company, so unless you live in San Francisco you'll have to move yourself out here for this job. You should probably move here anyway.