Front-end Internship

Yerevan, Armenia
Engineering – Engineering
Who we are

We are a fast-growing, dynamic startup that provides software-as-a-service for rapidly growing dream teams by predictive hiring through a company's social graph. 
Founded by a team in Armenia, we believe our product built here can make life better for everyone, everywhere. We are here to connect people to work they love with people they love. A dream team with offices in San Francisco, CA and Yerevan, Armenia, we have  customers around the world. 
We believe that teamwork makes things happen, and if you do too, then you just might be teamable with us! 

What you’ll learn 
- to build scalable web based application
- write testable and maintainable code
- work with team in an Agile environment
- work with latest technologies and tools

What project you’ll do 
- Implement/maintain new features on an enterprise grade product

What is necessary to know/have 
- Strong Math background
- Basic JavaScript knowledge 
- Familiarity with newer specifications of EcmaScript
- Basic knowledge of an OOP language (e.g. Python)
- Understanding Web Application’s life cycle
- Familiarity with Version Control Systems (GIT, Mercurial)
- Creativity, courage, self-motivation 
- Desire to work in a team
- Desire to learn new languages and technologies

What is preferred to know 
- Web development frameworks like React, Redux
- Unit testing
Apply for Front-end  internship opportunity now and experience an opportunity to work with a team of highly competent engineers with in-depth experience in JS/React, Python/Django, Data Science and Machine Learning who are always ready to share their knowledge. Enjoy a friendly office culture and a number of perks & benefits. 
This is an unpaid 3-month internship with the possibility of extension upon completion.
Deadline for applications is  January 15, 2020.