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Techruiter is the UK’s fastest-growing tech recruitment startup. We launched in the US this year and are growing our US sourcing team.

Since our launch in 2019, we've helped scale over 40 technology startups and expanded our team from three founders to a team of 18 recruiters in 18 months!

We’ve built teams working on cool products such as driverless cars; healthcare AI; cutting-edge financial trading; e-commerce; ad tech platforms; and much, much more. We’ve got an exciting journey ahead of us — if you want to be a part of our mission to redefine team-building, then please get in touch!

As we go into 2021, we are expecting to double in size; we're looking for talented graduates to join us in our second year.

Joining us an Graduate Technical Recruiter you will drive our growth efforts in hiring Software Engineers and Technical folks across some of the best Tech Companies across London, Barcelona, Paris, Montreal and New York. With a focus on sourcing candidates within Fin-tech, AI Healthcare and Tier 1 Quantitative HedgeFunds.

Becoming a Tech Recruiter is an opportunity to get a great insight into the inner workings of the tech industry.

Your role will involve:

Working with Engineering and Product Leaders in Technology companies, to help them identify what talent they need to add to their teams, and advise them how we can best help them source this talent.

Identifying great tech talent (software engineers, data scientists, product managers, etc.) by screening CVs / profiles on a variety of platforms (such as LinkedIn). You will become very highly calibrated to what makes a “great” engineer / scientist / product manager etc.

Engaging those people through articulate messaging, and then speaking to them in depth about the companies, products and technologies that would be the best match for their skillset / areas of intellectual curiosity.

Project managing the recruitment process (in consultation with your client), to ensure there are no blockers / operational impediments for them to secure the best tech talent.

Gaining a deep & broad knowledge of the technology landscape - and using this knowledge to optimally match great companies to great tech professionals

Involving yourself in the tech community - attending and organising Meetups, Hackathons, Conferences, to fully immerse yourself in the tech world.

What we’re looking for:

Raw intellectual horsepower
Recruitment is fundamentally a puzzle, with lots of moving pieces that tessellate in complex ways. We need excellent problem-solvers, who can weigh up complex and competing requirements quickly and accurately.

True curiosity about technology
How can you be a great recruiter in technology if you’re not endlessly curious about the technological world? Recruiters who lack that passion don’t go out of their way to learn about new tech. We want geeks who get excited by tech, whether that's diving into html for your blog or modding your favourite game!

Rigorous Honesty
Recruiters have earned a reputation for playing fast and loose with the truth. (see the numerous threads on Hacker News or r/recruitinghell on the topic!). If we’re going to make a real impact on the industry, we need to be rigorously honest recruiters. In reality, this means having the strength of character to tell the truth. Always.

We’re looking for a lot, but we won’t lower the bar for short term gain. If you happen to be successful in our process, you can rest assured that your mentor / peer group will have gone through the same rigorous process; you’ll get to work with a lot of other smart, honest people. We'll be able to teach you recruitment best practices like no other company in the recruitment industry - as we've all worked in, and led internal recruitment teams in great Technology companies (which is somewhat unique in the industry).

As the bar is so high, we’ll be rewarding our Tech recruiters with the best comp structures. Additionally, we won’t be tracking pointless KPIs (we don’t care how many minutes you’re on the phone), offer flexible working / WFH (within reason!); all we care about is excellent delivery and you delighting your clients.

We are a *strictly* equal opportunities employer; we only discriminate based on competence, potential, and strength of character.