Senior Full Stack Engineer

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Senior Full Stack Engineer @ Sales Data Company

They believe that sales will soon be driven by data and AI, thereby re-writing the playbook on how companies scale revenue. They are working on a product that harnesses the data that companies are already sitting on and allows them to drive revenue with the help of AI. They are at the early stages of product development and work closely with design partners.

Who they are

They are a small but talented team with a track record in starting and growing successful ventures. They're backed by some of the best, including NFX, Raine, Firstminute along with former SVPs and founders of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Deel and Eventbrite.
They are very sensitive to where we invest our time, both with regard to their roadmap and also with their day-to-day work. They value product thinking and customer focus, as well as creative problem solving and speed of execution.
They are also a fully remote team, working with a high level of autonomy.

About the role

They're looking for a talented and versatile engineer who enjoys working in very early stage companies and solving customer problems. You’ll have a strong interest in the AI landscape and either have worked with AI or have been following recent advances in this area. Whilst your background may be either generalist or more focused on a specific area, you’ll be comfortable working across the stack and willing and able to contribute whatever is needed - sometimes finding out what this is yourself. As a senior member of the team you will be able to take on mentoring of less experienced developers as we grow.
They work remotely, so the ability to over-communicate and communicate clearly is really important. They rely heavily on Slack, Linear and other written communication, and meet once a day to plan work progression. They work with high autonomy and trust, ensuring they're available to help and support other team members as needed. They try to meet at least once or twice a year in a single location - depending on where you are there may be opportunities to do this more often.

Things you’ll be doing

    • Working daily with the team to move them toward their next goal
    • Sharing feedback on roadmap direction and ideas on bets to place / potential solutions
    • Breaking down upcoming work into small shippable increments
    • Writing code to deliver user-facing features, with the right amount of test coverage
    • Helping others write code, through PR reviews and pairing
    • Continuously evaluating their code, infrastructure, and processes to see if they meet their needs, always looking for ways to improve

About you

    • You’re looking to join and nurture a team that you can one day unequivocally say is the best team you’ve ever worked with. You understand the importance of effective collaboration, empathy and following through. You bring energy and intensity to your work, but also value the importance of shared experience and cultivating an inclusive culture. You enjoy working with a team where the focus and passion are evident, but also where enjoyment and a sense of humour thrive.

    • Some things that would make us excited about you:
    • Proven experience working on a team to deliver user-facing software in a cloud environment
    • A product mindset and examples of product thinking from first principles
    • Experience designing and building APIs used by client applications
    • Experience building with LLMs and other recent generative AI services
    • Experience building UI components
    • Experience of cloud infrastructure concerns
    • Examples of where you’ve helped less experienced colleagues progress
    • Practical experience of multiple programming languages and frameworks
    • Previous experience includes early-stage startups

Technology Stack

    • Being comfortable with TypeScript and some of their tech stack would be beneficial, but your willingness to learn and creative problem solving skills are more important than any particular framework, technology or language.
    • Their current stack includes:
    • TypeScript
    • React (Vercel, Chrome Extensions)
    • GraphQL API hosted on AWS
    • NestJS based backend services running on AWS Lambda and EBS
    • Serverless framework for infrastructure-as-code
    • CI/CD workflow using GitHub Actions
    • PostGreSQL Aurora database
    • They release back-end changes continuously and front-end apps either continuously or once or twice a week.

What they offer

    • Base salary £80k - £120k (they can pay out in your local currency of choice)
    • Stock options at very early company valuation
    • Benefit package adjusted to your country of residency
    • Laptop (they prefer Mac, but other options may be available)