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Techruiter is one of the fastest growing tech recruitment startups in the UK, we're on a mission to radically transform tech recruitment. Our vision is crafted from a history of delivery by our founders; we have successfully built world-class software engineering teams working on a range of products, including: Autonomous Vehicles; Healthcare AI; Low Latency Financial Trading; high scale E-commerce sites / Marketplaces; cutting-edge Ad Tech platforms.

We’re working with amazing technology and product companies to help them build their software engineering and technical teams. We're working in the internal recruitment team helping Zoe ( build their COVID19 Symptom Study App (, and we're also currently embedded into the team at Improbable (, one of the HOTTEST startups in London!

Joining us a Technical Recruiter you will drive our growth efforts in hiring Software Engineers across some of the best Technology companies in London, New York and San Francisco - all while based in our HQ in sunny Birmingham!

Our 1st year was 2019, and we grew strongly in 2020. Next, we are accelerating into hyper-growth mode! Blitz-scaling :) We're already 16 strong and we're planning to double in size next year across Birmingham, London and Austin, Texas. You would be a part of a rapidly growing company that is starting to make a global impact on tech recruitment and talent acquisition.

Our model of data driven sourcing is yielding good results; we use advanced sourcing techniques, we build excellent content and we deep dive in our technical screening; all of these gives us a competitive edge against our competitors.

You will be joining one of the most advanced technical recruitment teams in the UK; we have a truly innovative culture, built around unwavering honesty and an ‘EVERY DAY IS DAY 1’ attitude. We have an unmatched commission structure that goes up to 43%.

We're looking for:

Experience of good delivery on difficult / complex requirements
You will have gained this in a recruitment agency or in an internal recruitment role. What we’re looking for is the ability to gather requirements, prioritise well, pitch your roles and delight your clients with exceptional delivery.

Some baseline Tech Knowledge
We can teach a good amount of tech knowledge to our tech recruiters; but if you’ve been in this industry, you should have a some knowledge in the following areas: technology stacks; programming languages; database and infrastructure technologies. We want (and great engineers love) speaking to someone who can literally "speak their language".

Track record of great candidate experience
Technologists hate it when you don’t get back to them, or treat them like a commodity. Engineers and other members of tech organisations should want to work with you because you represent their interests effectively, and you treat them with the respect they deserve.

We're also looking for:

Raw Intellectual Horsepower
Recruitment is fundamentally a puzzle; with lots of moving pieces which tessellate in complex ways. We need excellent problem solvers, who can weigh up complex competing requirements quickly and accurately.

True Intellectual Curiosity in Technology
How can you be a great recruiter in technology, if tech doesn’t fire your intellectual curiosity? Recruiters who aren’t orientated towards technology don’t go out of their way to learn about new techs. We want geeks who get excited by tech megatrends, gadgets, apps, games (or similar).

Rigorous Honesty
Recruiters have earned a reputation for playing fast and loose with the truth. Perhaps that’s overstated; but nonetheless, if we’re going to make a real impact on the industry we need to be rigorously honest recruiters. In reality, this means having the strength of character to tell the truth as completely and articulately as you can manage. Always. In the medium to long term, this is the only way to truly succeed in tech recruitment.

We’re looking for a lot, but we won’t lower the bar for short term gain. If you happen to be successful in our process, you can rest assured that your mentor / peer group will have gone through the same rigorous process; you’ll get to work with a lot of other smart, honest people. We'll be able to teach you recruitment best practices like no other company in the recruitment industry - as our founders have led internal recruitment teams in great Technology companies.

As the bar is so high, we’ll be rewarding our Tech Recruiters with the best comp structures. Additionally, we won’t be tracking pointless KPIs (we don’t care how many minutes you’re on the phone), offer flexible working / WFH; all we care about is excellent delivery and you delighting your clients.

We are a *strictly* equal opportunities employer; we only discriminate based on competence, potential, and strength of character