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Do you want to launch or advance a career at the intersection of technology and the built environment? Do you want to work with exceptional engineers to solve complex problems creatively? Do you want to work with clients to take their building experiences to the next level of connectivity, safety, and wow factor? Do you want to join a company that defines the state of the art in its practice, with visionary leadership and in-house research and development? TEECOM is a $40+ million/year consulting engineering firm with an average annual growth rate of 20% over the past 25 years. We make technology work in buildings through strategic consulting, design and engineering, project management, and enterprise support. We work hard in a fast-paced professional remote environment that will challenge you to learn and grow. TEECOM is one of the fastest-growing companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, with additional teams in New York City, the United Kingdom, the Pacific Northwest, Southern California, and Texas. Join us and make TEECOM even better.

About the Position
As a senior-level engineering role, the Associate Principal leads mid to large-size projects that span multiple disciplines. This individual works with clients, product manufacturers, contractors, other design team members, and other employees of TEECOM to take each project from start to finish with limited direction. This entails providing detailed drawings, specifications, calculations, and reporting information to the client. Projects are expected to be completed on time and on budget.

This individual is expected to delegate work effectively, promote teamwork, and mentor less senior staff. This individual will also participate in the TEECOMuniversity in-house training program, mentoring junior designers through the courses, developing new course content, and providing feedback on existing courses.


    • Represent TEECOM Values and Guiding Principles: Individual demonstrates that they CARE about clients and fellow team members, adds VALUE, and earns and builds TRUST.
    • Deploy Technical Expertise: Individual has demonstrated expert skills in their trade and is able to produce as well as review, correct, and direct other technical staff to produce exemplary products (documents, etc.).
    • Make Difficult Decisions: Projects are often complex, uncertain, and full of ambiguity. Individual has experience with making difficult decisions that directly impact the success of the project.
    • Solicit Client Feedback: Positive and constructive feedback will have an impact on the project. Individual takes the time to routinely ask the client for feedback and documents and shares the feedback with the team.
    • Develop Business: Individual has identified opportunities through relationships and networking that have or will position the firm for future work, as well as providing an excellent client experience that results in repeat work.


    • Lead by Example: Individual sets the example for the team by aligning their actions with what they say.
    • Indirect Mentorship: Individual provides indirect mentorship to anyone who asks questions or needs guidance.
    • Direct Mentorship: Individual serves as a direct mentor to specific staff who seek mentorship to learn and enhance their soft and hard skills.
    • Technical Expertise: Individual has a deep knowledge of their discipline that is supported by continuing education and certifications.
    • Guide Decisions: Individual has direct influence on decisions and helps guide the decision in TEECOM's favor.


    • AEC industry and the design and construction of technology systems such as telecommunications infrastructure, cabling, audiovisual, security, acoustics, and wired and wireless networks.
    • Experience in datacenters and/or critical infrastructure facilities highly preferred. 
    • Delivery of system designs using an engineering approach to produce a well-coordinated set of construction documents within the project budget.
    • Large and complex construction projects ($500,000+ TEECOM fee) involving a multitude of disciplines with both long and fast-track timeframes (years or months) in various industry verticals (mission critical, healthcare, workplace, transportation, higher ed, government, industrial, cultural).
    • Expert in the Security design discipline.


    • Organization: Keep track of multiple projects and client and team member requests, often on a last-minute basis with excellent follow-up to assure promises are kept.
    • Documentation: Accurately and concisely capture discussions in the form of meeting notes. Document design decisions, whether made by external or internal sources. Maintain an accurate project record.
    • Communication: Conduct business communications in an effective, professional, and concise manner, both verbally and in written formats, and in one-on-one, small-group, and large-group settings. You must read, write, speak, compute, and problem-solve various tasks. Break down complex concepts into smaller and more digestible components that allow for a greater level of understanding by others.
    • Teamwork: Work as a functional member of a team and successfully work with other teams and business functions to achieve positive results. Facilitate effective project team and cross-functional interactions (Technical, Operations, BD, Marketing, etc.).
    • Problem Solving: Approach problems using a methodical and logical method to create a workable solution. Use numbers and mathematical approaches for various tasks. Conduct research using the Internet.
    • Software: Use software applications effectively and efficiently (G Suite, MS Office, Bluebeam, Slack, and Asana etc.) to communicate and deliver work products. Learn new software and applications as needed.
    • Process Oriented: Follow processes, continually seek to make processes more efficient, enforce processes, and conduct root cause analyses that lead to the update or creation of processes.
    • Negotiation: Practice the Win-Win negotiation strategy to focus on TEECOM's interests. If done correctly, both parties will be satisfied with the outcome. Know your BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement) before entering into a negotiation.
    • Emotional Intelligence: Nurture, mentor, and manage staff who work in a deadline-driven environment on projects with complex needs. These conditions can lead to stress in team members. Know how and when to apply pressure and when to nurture staff members, resulting in high levels of effective communication, team member satisfaction, motivation, and project results, and leading to a highly functional and successful team.
    • Mentorship: Mentor the technical staff and teach them the correct processes. Come prepared to maximize the effectiveness of time spent with your team, and keep timeliness in mind so that you act immediately when the situation demands it.
    • Management: Break down complex projects into smaller tasks, plan, schedule, budget, and mitigate risk to successfully deliver work both for clients and internally for TEECOM. Delegate tasks to the most appropriate resource that allows for the efficient execution of the work while challenging staff and allowing them to grow.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

    • Lead fee development in the Professional Services Agreement (PSA), proposal, and interview coordination with marketing
    • Lead fee negotiations with client
    • Foster client relationships and fellow design team members
    • Ask clients about other current or upcoming projects
    • Follow up on open pursuits
    • Develop additional business with client
    • Attend client and/or industry events
    • Attend client meetings with senior technical staff members and prepare meeting notes documenting relevant decisions and discussions
    • Conduct client meetings and programming sessions to develop the system (telecom, security, network, audiovisual, and acoustics) parameters and design criteria
    • Prepare and/or delegate mark-ups for Revit models and AutoCAD drawings
    • Research technical product information
    • Conduct and/or delegate job site inspections to determine existing conditions and extent of progress made by contractors
    • Design, coordinate, and engineer systems per discipline (telecom, security, network, audiovisual, acoustics, Wi-Fi, etc.)
    • Track decisions, budgets, and schedule for mid to large-size projects
    • Prepare drawings, specifications, contract documents, and design calculations
    • Conduct and/or delegate design team coordination (architects, engineers, TEECOM team)
    • Manage client interface between technology and facilities staff and the architects, integrators, and contractors
    • Conduct and/or delegate the programming, design, construction, and closeout phases of each assigned project
    • Perform and /or delegate job site inspections to determine existing conditions and extent of progress made by contractors
    • Prepare and/or delegate schedules and identify tasks required to complete each phase of the project
    • Provide support to the team, develop tools, improve processes, and share technical knowledge
    • Attend and contribute to internal team, discipline, and project meetings
    • Conduct and/or delegate configuration and commissioning of systems to ensure 100% functionality is delivered
    • Prepare and/or delegate opinions of probable construction cost (OPCC) for systems as required
    • Perform special projects assigned by leadership related to overall management of the firm
    • Provide periodic updates to leadership on project status, schedule issues, and financial performance
    • Perform other work-related duties as assigned
    • Ensure timesheets/expense reports are accurate and up-to-date daily
    • Achieve billed revenue target each quarter
    • Identify, prepare, and secure authorization for Additional Services Agreements (ASA) when scope of the project deviates from the Professional Services Agreement (PSA)
    • Meet project budgets and positively contribute to profitability
    • Ensure that all client and design team due dates, submission dates, and completion dates are met

What Success Looks Like

    • Established as an internal mentor and guides less senior staff
    • Manage successful internal project team (on time, on budget, positive client feedback)
    • Gain repeat clients
    • Quarterly reviews are completed on schedule
    • 5% or less of engineering change order errors
    • Utilization equals 85%
    • Average hours worked is between 40 and 50 hours per week
    • Achieve goals from the Performance Plan each quarter
    • Accounts Receivable (AR) over 90 days is less than 10% of the total AR
    • Project stale dates are less than 3% in Vision
    • Projects are 100% scheduled in Asana


    • Education/Degree/Major: BS in Engineering or equivalent education/experience
    • Minimum of six years of discipline (physical security, electronic security systems) design for facilities construction projects
    • Autodesk (AutoCAD, Revit)
    • Bluebeam Studio
    • Microsoft Suite
    • G Suite


    • EIT is a plus
    • CDT
    • PSP and/or CPP
$120,000 - $155,000 a year
This compensation will vary depending on your role-related skills, experience, knowledge, and subject matter expertise. TEECOM is committed to making sure that we are the right fit for each applicant and that each applicant is the right fit for our team. As we get to know each other throughout the interview process, the compensation may vary within the stated range.
Your level will be evaluated and determined during the interview process. Please submit your resume.

We are interested in every qualified candidate who is eligible to work in the United States. However, we are not able to sponsor visas.

NOTICE TO THIRD PARTY AGENCIES: Please note that TEECOM does not accept unsolicited resumes from recruiters or employment agencies. In the absence of a signed Recruitment Fee Agreement, TEECOM will not consider or agree to payment of any referral compensation or recruiter fee. In the event a recruiter or agency submits a resume or candidate without a previously signed agreement, TEECOM explicitly reserves the right to pursue and hire those candidate(s) without any financial obligation to the recruiter or agency. Any unsolicited resumes, including those submitted to hiring managers, are deemed to be the property of TEECOM.