Data Analyst


Data Analyst
In this Data Analyst role, you will be involved in the transformation of data into reports and dashboards that allow effective monitoring, whether for environments in which we’ve deployed sensors, the sensors and networks themselves, or applied to our business processes.  You will become a go-to team member for people inside and outside the Analytics team looking to access and interpret the various data feeds our sensors and systems produce.  Your knowledge of common usage will then drive improvements of our warehouse and infrastructure. The challenges are as diverse as the potential solutions, and you will have freedom to explore approaches to meeting the challenges coupled with responsibility for delivering effective products.  
We are interested in someone with the technical skills to access and manipulate data combined with a curiosity to understand the data and how to interpret it, capped with an artistic ability to represent data in ways that are effective in conveying the main lesson(s) of a data set and its metrics.  As an early member of a rapidly growing team, you will have the opportunity to perform across a range of Data Science roles and be constantly challenged to extend your skills and the solutions the Analytics team is able to provide.
Core technologies:
Python, SQL 
Highly desirable:
AWS, Snowflake, Tableau, Git, Databricks, Apache Spark, Jupyter Notebooks, Excel
Core qualifications:
BA degree in a technical/quantitative field, experience analyzing time series data, design skills for effective data representation and interpretation, strong coding skills, familiarity with data access at scale, ability to work independently and as part of a larger team, and a proven ability to solve problems and learn quickly. 
·       Become familiar with our data warehouse and how to address common inquiries from other business units
·       Learn the scripts and tools that currently transform raw data into internal and customer reports
·       Take ownership over the scheduled generation of reports to existing customers
·       Build relationships with the awesome team members across other functional groups
·       Translate common queries into a set of requirements for a portal allowing other business units to address their needs
·       Enhance the visualizations of analytics products after working closely with internal and external consumers to understand how they use our products
·       Become an internal expert on the interpretation of key data, whether collected from sensors or from instrumentation of our hardware and software infrastructure
·       Contribute to the definition of new metrics and identification of analytics that can be automated
·       Take ownership over defining, implementing, and delivering metrics, reports, and dashboards
·       Build one or more domain-specific dashboards that use our modeling and classifier outputs to interpret the state of monitored systems and environments for our customers
·       Build roadmaps of reporting functionality and perform integrated planning with other business functions to improve our infrastructure, operational performance, and analytics products
·       Develop expertise across multiple verticals and produce dashboards tailored to their individual priorities and opportunities
·       Evaluate new technologies and build proof-of-concept systems to enhance the analytic team’s abilities and products
·       Extend your skill set across the range of Data Science areas by contributing across a wide range of projects
·       Train, mentor, and influence your peers
·       Contribute to developing our brand as a world-class Analytics team able to consistently deliver products that exceed expectations