Support Specialist

New York, New York
Who are we?

Tempest (formerly known as Hip Sobriety) is a female-founded, first-of-its-kind digital recovery platform that provides alcohol abuse treatment for the 46 million Americans who don’t identify as addicted. We are a modern alternative to current recovery options like AA, focused on putting people at the center of their own recovery through an approach that’s empathetic, empowering, and desirable. 

Tempest serves a customer currently ignored by the wellness, healthcare and recovery industries; deliver them to sobriety; and keep them engaged in an evolutionary pursuit at a fraction of the cost of traditional treatment modalities. We position sobriety less as a singular goal and more as a holistic, aspirational lifestyle, and communicate this through our meticulously designed brand, through the thoughtfulness and joy built into our products, and through our commitment to culture-shifting via The Temper, our media presence. 

Our current core product--an 8-week course that combines ed tech with an online support community--has been wildly successful. To date, over 4000 participants have been through the beta course with a Net Promoter Score of ~80.  About half of our sobriety school participants convert into annual members and receive access to monthly Tempest content, a supportive online community, and the opportunity to attend in real life events. 

Tempest offers staff:
- An open-minded, accepting, mostly hilarious culture that believes employee happiness comes first
- Unique holidays (and a lot of them)
- Great health insurance with One Medical benefits
- $150/month wellness reimbursement
- Work from home Thursdays
- Weekly team lunch and office snacks
- Family-friendly policies
- Pre-meeting meditation practice
- Weekly support for those in recovery 
- Zero happy hours 
- Endless Topo Chico

Support Specialist

Tempest is looking for a full-time Support Specialist to be the founding member of our first ever dedicated customer service team. You’ll be instrumental in creating a caring and holistic experience for our community, and building the operational processes we need to deliver exceptional service.  

We believe every moment is a recovery moment. Every interaction is an opportunity for students to be seen, heard and supported; this is a critical part of recovery and what we do best. Our ideal candidate will embody this belief. 

Role Responsibilities

    • Deliver kind, exceptional customer service over the phone, email, and live chat.
    • Master all of our technology—  especially as we rapidly evolve—  and support students in navigating and using it.
    • Innovate the ways in which we can better support our community— whether through new platforms, processes, or channels.
    • Educate potential customers and current students about our offerings and support them in selecting the resources and systems they need—  even if it’s not with us.


    • 1 - 3 years in a customer service role
    • Highly proficient in navigating technology and multitasking
    • Familiarity with CRM’s and service platforms (bonus if you’ve used Salesforce before) 

You May Be A Good Fit If You

    • Are excited and empowered by a mission-driven company, & a culture of building processes and experiences that positively impact the well-being of others.
    • You are scrappy and can come up with inventive solutions to unexpected challenges. You’re not easily derailed by surprises and can be flexible as new tasks arise.
    • You are eager to learn new technology and processes—  an early adopter excited to experiment.
    • You have composure. You’re able to engage in difficult conversations (over different channels: phone, email, etc.) with calm and poise. Of course, you’re human — we’re all emotional here! — but you have the emotional intelligence and depth of feeling to maintain boundaries, serve our community, and work with your peers effectively.
    • You’re excited about the customer service field and its opportunities to support broader company goals.
Potential working-hours

Working hours will vary depending on business needs and will be communicated during the interview process. Currently, we’re available for our community Monday - Friday, 10am - 9pm ET, with some availability on the weekends.

This is a full-time role with a preference of NYC-based. 

What we value and why you should join.

We’re a group of passionate and committed individuals determined not only to create a modern, feminist, inclusive, recovery modality but also to entirely upend the way our culture views alcohol—we are the anti-Rose All Day. We have a scrappy, get it done upstart ethos. We believe in showing up no matter what, honesty at all costs, persistence, straight-talking, and risk-taking. We’re not looking culture fits, we’re looking for individuals looking to build an entirely new culture. You should join if you want to make a difference in the world, and see this as the obvious way for you to do just that.