Robot Perception Engineer

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Terraform is automating on-site construction with robotics and software. Our mission is to make construction primarily software-defined and work towards a future where beautiful, bespoke buildings are built within a single day with minimal labor.
We’re a small team of generalist engineers that spans a wide spectrum of expertise (mechanical, electrical, software and machine vision) coming from companies like Palantir, Qualcomm, Dyson and Shopify.
We're still in the first days of building the company and this is a unique opportunity to be an early employee in a high-growth, high ambition startup environment. From Day 1, You’ll be able to work with an experienced founding team surrounded by top-tier investors.
You can read a bit more on why we believe you should spend your time working on construction, learn more about our vision and about the company.

About this role
We are building on-site robots that can traverse a construction site on moveable platforms. Your primary focus will be helping us add increasingly higher levels of autonomy to the robots and moveable platforms, e.g. initially to traverse short distances around the to-be-built area.

Some examples of things you will be responsible for:
1. Selecting and sourcing the hardware sensors to optimally understand our environment, and working with our hardware team for integration of these into our platforms.
2. Developing algorithms for localization, mapping, calibration, and state estimation using state–of-the-art techniques such as (Visual) SLAM
3. Working with our software team to build a production-level system that ingests sensor data, runs your algorithms and interfaces with our software stack
4. Measuring the performance of our sensing system and improving it, including characterizing the sources of various inaccuracies and deficiencies that we might encounter.

This role will give you an opportunity to own a large part of this stack with a very high level of autonomy and potential for future growth. You’ll be working together a team of generalists who enjoy going up and down the technology stack with strengths in software, machine vision, mechanical, and electrical engineering and who each own their own projects.

What we’re looking for

    • Deep understanding and experience with multiple hardware sensor systems such as LiDARs, IMUs, and (depth) cameras, including optics for the latter.
    • Experience in developing, implementing, and testing mapping, localization and state estimation algorithms, such as (VI-)SLAM, VIO, ICP, and Kalman filters
    • Experience writing production quality code in a language like C, C++, Python, or Rust
    • Ideally, some experience with real-time, deep learning based computer vision, e.g. with multi-object tracking systems
    • A strong bias for action and output. We’re not a research organization and emphasize shipping frequently and fast iteration loops
    • A strong sense of ownership and motivation
Interested? Get in touch with us:, and tell us a bit about the most interesting or difficult project you’ve worked on to date.
If you don’t meet all the qualifications here but are excited about Terraform and feel you’d still be able to help us solve difficult problems, do get in touch. We are open to generalists with a demonstrated ability to focus on outcomes and get things done and are comfortable with you learning things as you go along.