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Terraform is automating on-site construction with robotics and software. Our mission is to make construction primarily software-defined and work towards a future where beautiful, bespoke buildings are built within a single day with minimal labor.
We're in the first days of building the company and we are recruiting for the early engineering team. This is a unique opportunity to be one of the first ten employees at a startup be immersed in a high-growth, high ambition startup environment, and to work with an experienced founding team surrounded by top-tier investors from day 1.
You can read a bit more on why we believe you should spend your time working on construction, learn more about our vision and about the company.

About the role

We are looking for a workshop technician to join our team of mechanical, mechatronic and software engineers trying to bring automation to the construction industry to create affordable, high quality housing for everyone.

We currently have two robotic prototypes we intend to test on a real construction site. This requires several robots and spare parts to be built within a 3 month time window. This position would be the primary stakeholder in the manufacturing and assembly of these and would require working closely with the mechanical and mechatronics engineers to improve the DFM and DFA of each robotic system.

A typical day would start with a coffee and a brief catch up with the engineering team to determine what is the priority for the day relating the robot build plan. You would then assess the subassemblies in CAD and go about manufacturing the parts in the assembly using the available 3D printers, CNC mill, lathe etc. Spot issues with the design? Great, you have the power to improve the design yourself or communicate the necessary changes with the engineering team and see those changes implemented that same day. At the end of the day, make sure you have ordered the necessary stock and equipment for what you will need for the coming week of the build plan.

What you'll be responsible for

    • Manufacturing and assembly of hardware.
    • Liaise with engineering team to determine build plan for both robots.
    • Responsible for ordering mechanical hardware and overall stock management.
    • Ordering equipment to improve in-house capabilities where necessary.
    • Lead the management of the workshop and advising team on best practices for design and manufacturing.

What we’re looking for

    • A minimum vocational level 2 (MBO Niveau) in a technical direction.
    • Projects outside of work to showcase creative skills.
    • Confidence using CNC mill, lathe, 3-D printers, hand tools etc. to manufacture components.
    • Able to build relatively complex assemblies using top level designs generated using CAD packages.
    • Able to create simple components in CAD would be an added bonus.

    • On a non-technical level, we are looking for a team player who loves nothing more than working together to solve complex problems. This person should thrive in a high pace environment and enjoy learning new skills and challenging conventional ideas.

** We are not able to sponsor candidates for this role. Candidates should be able to freely work in the Netherlands

Interested? Get in touch with us:, and tell us a bit about the most interesting or difficult project you’ve worked on to date.
If you don’t meet all the qualifications here but are excited about Terraform and feel you’d still be able to help us solve difficult problems, do get in touch. We are open to generalists with a demonstrated ability to focus on outcomes and get things done and are comfortable with you learning things as you go along.