Chief Technology Officer

New York, NY
Working at The Block is one of the most enjoyable, fulfilling and challenging experiences you’ll have in your career. We are on the frontier of one of the most thrilling ecosystems in technology and money: cryptocurrency and blockchain.

As CTO (Chief Technical Officer) at The Block, you will provide technical leadership across all aspects of our product, community and business. As CTO, you will choose which technologies, systems and infrastructure we use and how we employ them efficiently, profitably and securely.

The Block is a unique company in that it involves multiple exciting lines of business, each with their own technical opportunities and hard problems to solve. The business lines include: media & information at, the “Reddit meets Slack” cryptocurrency and blockchain communication platform we are building and a subscription media product that will involve payment systems and processing. This breadth of responsibility should be thrilling to the best engineering leaders in the world -- who can challenge themselves across multiple areas and build out strategy, processes and architect the platforms on which these businesses and products are built. In addition, this role will allow a world class leader to recruit a broad range of product, engineering and design talent in an extremely exciting growth ecosystem.

In addition to technical leadership, you will be a critical member of the executive leadership team. You will work hand-in-hand with our Board of Directors, CEO, Editor in Chief, GM of Community and Head of Research to ensure that we are making business choices within a realistic and achievable technical and engineering decision-making framework. You will communicate with leadership and the entire company -- as well as develop a process to communicate with our customers and users -- in order to ensure we are delivering the best products and experiences to the market. Your strategic thinking and business acumen will be valuable in this role. And your ability to convey your ideas publicly will be important, as The Block is a high profile organization that receives numerous requests for public appearances, knowledge sharing and community interaction.

In summary, this is the early stage technology and engineering leadership opportunity of a lifetime!

As CTO, you will...

    • Contribute the technical elements of The Block’s strategy and ensure it aligns with the company’s business goals
    • Develop distinct technical strategies and execution plans for each of the key business lines: media and information, community chat & discussion and subscription media / e-commerce
    • Build a world class engineering team and organization
    • Implement the best technical stack, tools and infrastructure based on all key factors including effectiveness, long term reliability and stability, efficiency, cost, flexibility and more
    • Be the company’s internal evangelist for thoughtfully considering technology costs, trade-offs and capabilities in every single decision we make
    • Ensure that The Block’s infrastructure is highly functional, used profitably across all departments and “gets the job done”
    • Build strong QA, data protection, customer feedback and community input processes, while being responsive to feedback from all stakeholders
    • Develop, monitor and meet / exceed key KPIs on product development and delivery, product quality and budget
    • Communicate The Block’s technology capabilities, successes, decisions and challenges to all stakeholders internally and externally
    • Be the external-facing technology voice for The Block, which is a high profile organization in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem

We look for teammates who have….

    • Proven experience as a CTO or in a similar leadership role at a media or technology company
    • Demonstrated experience at successfully growing an engineering organization while building a strong and growing technical foundation
    • A keen understanding of the most important technologies and technical trends in order to make the most informed decisions
    • A passion for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology
    • The ability to work within a growth company’s budget and KPI plan -- and to communicate across teams to ensure we are developing accurate plans and forecasts
    • A strong recruiter and public communicator, who is willing to directly contribute to the hard yet thrilling work of building our team, brand and company
    • A “can do” attitude and strong strategic problem solver
    • A teammate with incredible technical grounding, regardless of technical “credentials”, which we do not require. Accomplishments speak louder than degrees

Who you will work with...

We offer world class benefits and perks modeled after those at Button, our CEO’s previous company, where as a co-founder, he was instrumental in creating a workplace that was voted one of the best places to work in NYC. Our team values and celebrates our diverse backgrounds. Being open about who we are and what we do allows us to do the best work of our lives. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.