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Browsers are unique in that they are one of the only pieces of software that you share with your parents as well as your kids. Which makes sense, they're our doorway to the most important things — through them we socialize with loved ones, work on our passion projects, and explore our curiosities. But on their own, they don’t actually do a whole lot, they’re kind of just there. They don’t help us organize our messy lives or make it easier to compose our ideas. We believe that the browser could do so much more — it can empower and support the amazing the things we do on the internet. That’s why we’re building one: a browser that can help us grow, create, and stay curious.

To accomplish this lofty task, we’re building a diverse team of people from different backgrounds and experiences. This isn’t optional, it’s crucial to our mission, as we need a wide range of perspectives to question our assumptions and shape our browser through a bold, creative lens.

With that in mind, we especially encourage women, people of color, and others from historically marginalized groups to apply.

About the Role

Chromium engineers unlock the full potential of the Chromium ecosystem to other engineering teams across our company. As a Chromium engineer you will build new functionality into Chromium as well as expose this functionality through our custom SDK interface to hook into out application experience. We are looking for your insight to answer questions like…

    • How could we update Chromium to embrace operating system technologies like App Nap?
    • Where should we embrace parity, and where should we go above and beyond of the built-in capabilities of Chromium?
    • How could we enhance tools inside of Chromium by bridging in information from our Browser process?
    • How might we make our codebase more approachable by engineers less familiar with Chromium to unlock full stack iteration cycles?

Overall you will…

    • Design and spearhead technical projects across our application stack.
    • Create APIs that allow for seamless integration with our main application experience.
    • Advise and coach sister teams on the architecture and capabilities of the Chromium platform.
    • Give back to the open source community. We believe in upstreaming our work to benefit the community that we benefit greatly from.


    • You are proficient in writing modern, idiomatic C++ code.
    • You’ve previously worked in browser development (we have love for all browsers ❤️).
    • You’re comfortable working across timezones. We’re a distributed team. This also includes strong communication (written and verbal) skills.
    • You're pragmatic and can see the bigger picture; you're able to reason about prioritization and scope.
    • You bias to action. We like learning as quickly as possible, so we embrace failing fast to refine our code, systems, and processes rapidly.
    • You have at least 4 hours of overlap time with team members located in Eastern Time Zone
The Browser Company is a well funded, ambitious startup of about 40 people (and growing!) who are passionate about building great products. We are a remote-first, distributed team, with the option to work in office in New York. We strongly support diversity and encourage people from all backgrounds to apply.