Data Analyst

Venice, CA
*Must be US Work authorized. Resumes without a cover letter will not be considered.*

The Flex Company is growing very quickly and is looking to hire an eager, hard-working Data Analyst to support the Growth Marketing team in cross-functional initiatives.

The role of our Data Analyst will be to support company-wide goals and decisions and be the owner/keeper of several critical marketing and cross functional metrics. This means understanding broader strategy, asking the right questions, working with available data, coming up with insights, and being able to communicate finding and recommendations in a concise and compelling ways. This is cross-functional and critical position for us.

We are currently building our analytics and data science infrastructure, so the ideal candidate must not be reliant on BI tools and dashboards, but rather love and live in the raw data and be able to draw insights by asking the right questions and building/using their own models and queries.

This not a role for someone whose experience is building reports in Power BI, Tableau, Looker, etc. This is for someone who is comfortable living in the raw data, drawing insights and visualizations themselves, and eventually building out our data capabilities from the ground up.

In 1 Month You Will

    • Develop a deep understanding of our customer, strategy, brand, team, and metrics
    • Conduct marketing campaign analyses
    • Conduct churn/retention analysis by channel/strategy
    • Develop revised company-wide dashboards

In 3 Months You Will

    • Take ownership of existing forecasting model
    • Own our LTV analysis
    • Own cohort analyses
    • Own retention analyses
    • Ask novel and strategic questions that lead to new analyses and insights

In 6 Months You Will

    • Be seen as the trusted source of truth for company-wide metrics
    • Provide value across multiple departments
    • Drive specific, measurable improvements across multiple areas (e.g., top line revenue, recurring revenue, ROAS, etc.)
    • Develop a gap analysis and recommendations on data, analytics, and business intelligence at the company


    • Bachelor's degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Econometrics, or other analytically rigorous field.
    • 2+ years experience in an analyst, data science, or business intelligence role
    • 2+ years working with advanced Excel *and* SQL
    • Demonstrated ability to learn data-oriented programming or programming "light", e.g., R, SPSS, or Python
    • 1+ years experience in a high growth consumer start-up
    • Hardware / physical product experience (preferred)
    • Lives in the data, but keeps a natural skepticism about it and understands its limitations
    • Is deeply curious about customer behavior and uses data to tell that story
    • Understands that Data is NOT Insight and...
    • Has the demonstrated ability to communicate and visualize that data

Our New Teammate Is:

    • Is passionate about customers
    • Wants their work to have an outsized, measurable impact
    • Enjoys building and executing strategy with little direction
    • Enjoys working in a collaborative environment
    • Is naturally curious, unafraid of taking risks yet disciplined in reporting results
    • Wants to be involved in the growth of the company
    • Practices radical candor

Our New Teammate Is Not

    • A believer that there is his/her way to do something and no other
    • Looking for a caricatured culture reminiscent of HBO’s Silicon Valley
    • One who assigns blame
    • Looking for a lifestyle job
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