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The Flex Company was founded on the belief that people deserve innovative and sustainable period products. Our mission is to create industry-defining products and services that set a new global standard for period health. Four years ago we launched the most innovative period product since the tampon: the menstrual disc. It had been nearly 80 years since the tampon was introduced, and our new product was quickly embraced by consumers everywhere. Flex started as a digitally native brand with one product, and quickly grew to a family of period products sold online and in top national retailers such as Target, CVS, and Walgreens.

The Flex Disc™and Flex Cup™ generate 60% less waste than tampons and pads and can be worn for up to 12 hours, all while maintaining the highest level of comfort through inventive engineering and rigorous testing. 

This role is focused on the “deliver” portion of our supply chain and will be responsible for how our products make their way to our omnichannel customers. Team members from CX, Retail, DTC and Amazon will depend on you to execute orders and maintain stock levels. You will be our primary point of contact with our fulfillment centers, parcel carriers, and international transportation providers.


    • Continue to build out and manage our regional fulfillment strategy.
    • Manage our direct parcel carrier relationships.
    • Facilitate our international expansion.
    • Maintain all core delivery work streams and continually push for better costs and performance.
    • Ensure all Retail, Marketplace, & DTC orders are shipped out on time.
    • Audit Invoices for accuracy.
    • Become a resident expert in our ERP system (BrightPearl).

About you:

    • You are detail oriented and can't let things sit if you know something could be better.
    • You are a master at prioritization and can self manage and regulate your time.
    • You know when to raise your hand to ask for help but are not afraid to make decisions on your own.
    • You focus on optimizing things and recognize that today's nice-to-haves can quickly become tomorrow's must-haves.
    • You put yourself in the shoes of our customers and recognize that you're responsible for the partners who are the last people to touch our product, before it reaches our consumers.

Must Haves:

    • Experience in parcel logistics & eCommerce fulfillment
    • Advanced excel skills
    • Ability to forge collaborative relationships, virtually
    • Understanding of inventory management philosophy
    • Degree in Supply Chain Management, Engineering, or significant direct work experience in logistics

In 1 month you will:

    • Establish relationships with all FCs
    • Begin to lead weekly calls with FCs
    • Establish internal processes for how they can support CX/Retail/Amazon
    • Establish processes for how they will work with the broader supply chain team
    • Become familiar with FC contracts and pricing regimes

In 2 months you will:

    • Build a tool to audit invoices
    • Build integrated fulfillment center score carding
    • Take over quality investigations 
    • Take over retail delivery management

In 3 months you will:

    • Develop performance analytics for parcel shipping
    • Identify and develop cost down projects
    • Take over managing vendors who supply fulfillment centers with our branded product
    • Bid out our transportation business

Our shared values:

    • Choose Love Over Fear: You make sound decisions from a belief in yourself, others, or opportunities rather than out of fear.
    • Optimize For Trust: You have a track record of taking accountability for mistakes rather than blaming others. You communicate needs, concerns, and feedback directly with colleagues. 
    • Have a Growth Mindset: You take constructive feedback well and actively seek feedback from colleagues. You are self-motivated to generate your best work and make a greater impact everyday.
    • Be You: You are comfortable being your authentic self at work (including in the interview!).
About The Flex Company

The Flex Company was founded on the belief that people deserve innovative, sustainable, life-changing period products. After years of disappointment and discomfort trying dozens of products, Lauren Schulte Wang founded Flex to create body-safe, medical grade alternatives that outperform traditional period products. The Flex Disc and Flex Cup generate 60% less waste and have the capacity of up to three super tampons, all while maintaining the highest level of comfort through inventive engineering and rigorous testing. 

Flex is sold at over 25,000 stores across the US and is the #1 alternative period product brand based on units sold. Committed to making its life-changing products accessible to as many people possible, Flex is available at Target, CVS, and Walgreens, and at

The Flex Company is committed to creating an inclusive employee experience for all. Regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, we firmly believe that our work is at its best when everyone feels free to be themselves.