Growth Marketer

San Francisco
Full Time
Interested in impacting tens of millions of people’s lives each month? Are you a fast-moving, driven growth professional who dreams of working with a world-class team? How about someone who jumps out of bed every morning thinking about new channels to grow?If this sounds like you, read on.

The Hustle
The Hustle is a modern information company working to build a direct relationship with the 80M+ professionals in the US. Specifically, we’re starting with business news, information and analysis. 

We are completely changing how digital media brands build brand loyalty. You will help us get to where we need to go.

Here’s how it works
Each morning, we send our daily business news email, The Hustle Daily, to an incredibly large and loyal audience. And, at just over three years old, we’re one of the fastest growing media brands in the country.

While we currently monetize our audience through large advertising deals with brands like Microsoft and Salesforce, we're now launching subscription products and services for our audience of builders and tinkerers.

It’s our belief that the next CNN, Fox, or NBC (what we want to become) will need a large, loyal audience, a voice that is trusted, and revenue that is diversified. This is what we are working towards. 

The Role
This posting is for a full-time Growth Marketer position in San Francisco, CA.

The Growth Marketer job exists to help make sure everyone in America knows about The Hustle. More specifically, this role is looking at what we’ve used to grow so far and then investing heavily in the channels that work best while discovering new areas of acquisition. Your objective is to help us continue our explosive growth while maintaining an engaged user base for our daily newsletter and premium subscription product. 

What you'll be doing
- Manage a growing acquisition budget with heavy emphasis on Facebook
- Understand CPM/CPC/CPA strategies and experiment with additional acquisition channels
- Analyze retention and engagement of various acquisition channels, along with their impact on overall list health
- Create detailed daily reports and develop ongoing experiments
- Understand SEO and winning tactics for on-page and off-site strategies and use learnings to advise our editorial and tech teams
- Devise creative tools to help our users share more
- Use our current content to get more traffic from search and social
- Increase the conversion across our website and landing pages
- Set and execute on extremely ambitious growth targets

Required Skills & Qualifications
- Photoshop (preferred)
- CSS: 1 year (preferred)
- SEO: 2 years (preferred)
- Facebook Advertising: 2 years (preferred)
- HTML: 1 year (preferred)
- SQL: 2 years (required) 
- Legally eligible to work in the United States

Bonus Skills & Qualifications 
- Familiarity with The Hustle 
- A desire to change the digital media landscape

At the end of the day, we’re looking for a team player who’s always ready to help, possesses a passion for growth, and who embodies our motto: Bold, Fast, Fun.

Salary & Benefits
- Competitive pay and equity 
- Healthcare benefits: medial, dental, and vision 
- Unlimited Amazon book orders 
- Weekly team lunches 
- Team happy hours and outings 
- Free access to our events and speakers 
- Opportunity to make a real impact in our product, culture, and future of the company and our audience

The Hustle’s Core Values
Balance speed and quality.  Speed is our advantage -- we have to be fast. We also have to provide quality information to our audience. It’s our job to balance this.

Be fearless. The world wants us to be vanilla -- we have to fight that. We can’t let fear hold us back from trying         new things. Don’t be afraid to hire people more talented than yourself. Don’t be afraid to push boundaries.

Have no ego. No job is too small for anyone. Our own egos, preconceived ideas, or anything else can’t get in the way of serving our customers and team.

Have a capacity to perform at a high level. We value highly talented, intelligent, results-driven people who make the most of every opportunity.

Default to optimism. We value people who are inspiring to be around, have positive intentions, and think challenging obstacles are possible to overcome.

Growth mindset. We believe our talents can be developed through hard work, good strategies, and input from others. We care more about learning and improving than looking smart.

Adventure and fulfillment. We do what we do so we have the ability to work on exciting things with people  who we enjoy being around. We make money so we can keep living fun, healthy, exciting lives.