New York, NY
The Juggernaut is a premium publication for South Asian stories. We aim to diversify storytelling and tell ‘global untold context.' Our founder Snigdha Sur is a HBS/McKinsey/Yale alum who has advised the likes of Quartz, Amazon Studios, and BuzzFeed. We’re backed by great investors, including Y Combinator, Precursor Ventures, and Kevin Lin (COO, Twitch). More on us in TechCrunch here.

We’re hiring an Editor to help take our journalism to the next level.

An equivalent role is someone who’s thinking about a similar strategy for The New York Times, The Information, The Athletic, or Quartz.

What you’ll do

The Editor will be responsible for upholding and expanding the editorial vision of The Juggernaut, day in and day out. This person will take the lead in setting the editorial agenda — what are the most important stories of the week, the month, the year, etc. and how should they be covered? Which reporters will we work with? What will be the big idea, the story being told, the question being answered?

The Editor must have a keen understanding of the news, but also a desire to challenge the conventional ways of telling it. This person must have strong leadership skills and the ability to build relationships with reporters, and inspire others to do their best work while under the demands of a daily turnaround.

Editing means producing quick-turnaround daily stories as well as complicated narratives — and those are often done in just a few days, too. The editor needs to be highly skilled at every aspect of editing — from structure to pacing to line editing to noting the stray link.

The Editor is strong at people, process, and the creative aspects of content but also won't be afraid to dig deeper into the data to figure out what content is working or not.

What would set you apart

    • You are familiar with and enthusiastic about media, journalism, and/or South Asia
    • You are creative, scrappy, detail-oriented, and thrive in a fast-paced environment
    • You are eager to grow and help others grow, and know when to bring in help
    • You are independent, but also a collaborative problem-solver
    • You can balance perfection with getting things done
We started The Juggernaut because we were tired of reductive South Asian storylines. From paying writers responsibly to using fonts created by South Asians, we are thoughtful in what we do. We want to celebrate heritage but also challenge and unlearn parts of what we've been told. If you're someone who wants to join our mission of diversifying the content we consume, do reach out.