Senior Software Engineer

New York, NY

We lead the leaders.  Ladder’s community of 10 mm leading professionals come to us to be inspired, grow in their careers, and get ahead in their professional lives.  We focus on the $100K+ job market, representing 25% of all jobs and about 50% of income in the US & Canada.  We build data-driven tools, marketplaces, news and entertainment products for our growing audience, and the companies, recruiters, and advertisers that want to reach them.

We work best with people who enjoy using their talents, commitment and hard work to achieve great successes for millions of real life users through products that impact their actual lives.  We are deeply technology-driven -- about half the company are engineers, technical product people or product designers -- but we never build technology for technology’s sake.  We’re always trying to connect our efforts to the good it can do it people’s lives.

Ladders is looking for Senior Software Engineers, either frontend, backend or full stack, who want to write great code, and help build and mentor a team. You’ll work within a small, agile team of smart people while solving problems from beginning to end -- from product conceptualizations to engineering implementations. We use Scala, Java, Clojure, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, and Storm on the back end, and Backbone.js, JavaScript, React, Flux, HTML5, and CSS for the front end.

We’re an engineering-team-driven organization and we're proud of our engineers. Come be one of them!

Responsibilities of the Senior Software Engineer:

    • First and foremost, developing software our users need
    • Mentoring junior and mid-level engineers
    • Collaborating with your team to brainstorm and create new products
    • Growing our engineering teams by interviewing, recruiting, and hiring
    • Making informed decisions quickly, and taking ownership of services and applications at scale
    • Working collaboratively with others to achieve goalsBeing a persistent, creative problem ­solverRemaining cool and effective in a crisis
    • Staying on the leading edge of development practices
    • Passionate about great technologies, especially open sourceNot only understanding business needs, but also knowing how to create the tools to manage them

Basic Qualifications of the Senior Software Engineer:

    • 5+ years of experience as a software engineer (front end and/or back end)
    • Fluency with functional, imperative, and object-­oriented languages; knowledge of Java, Scala, or JavaScript would be especially useful
    • Fluency in front-end technologies, especially JavaScript and Backbone.js or React
    • CS degree or equivalent knowledge of algorithms and data structures
    • Strong OOP and modeling skillsExperience working in an agile environment

Preferred Qualifications of the Senior Software Engineer:

    • Knows the JVM and the ecosystem of supporting tools inside and out
    • Eagerness and willingness to learn new technologies
    • Ready to have a great time!!

We’ve been helping professionals, employers, and recruiters thrive since 2003 and are based on the 51st floor of New York’s largest office building, with gorgeous views of New York Harbor and World Trade Center.