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Hello! This is NotCo. We are a group of people united by a very strong purpose.

We want you to get to know us, and Giuseppe, our very own artificial intelligence. We are food enthusiasts, but above all, we love the planet.So, to protect it, we reinvented the food industry one delicious mouthful at a time, elevating what we eat through our plant-based technology.

Our recipe? It includes three major components: science, technology, and of course, disruptive talents. We work daily to create a better future.

At NotCo, we're not aiming to be the perfect company, but the right one. We're here to bring change, which is why we take risks, we fail, and at times, achieve incredible success.
The million-dollar question is: Are you hungry to change the world? Because there are plenty of reasons to make the decision and say: WHY NOT.

Today, you can start making a change for the planet without changing anything of what you love.