Serverless Architect

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We hire on a rolling basis and look to spread start dates out across the year.

We're looking for Architects with experience building with Serverless on AWS.

This role is client facing, hands on architecting and building the end solution within a team.
We build massively scalable, resilient, low cost and high quality systems for our clients in record time using our expertise, technology and methodology.

Our focus is building state-of-the-art Serverless solutions and creating autonomous teams for our clients, with an emphasis on skills building and training through delivery. Helping startups building their initial MVPs to larger organisations scaling globally.

We also have a strong focus on contributing to the community through content, talks and open-source.

You will be responsible for the contributing to your client projects, contributing to marketing and sales, improving our techniques and practices and pushing forward the state-of-the-art for Serverless!


    • Full stack development experience with modern Cloud architectures
    • Experience with AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, Step Functions
    • Proficient in Node, TypeScript (preferably additional languages)
    • Passion for fully automated CI/CD and IaC
    • Experience working in a SCRUM process
    • Ability to teach and coach others
    • Ability to take leadership opportunities


    • AWS Certification
    • Involvement in the community (talks, blogs, podcasts, open-source projects)
    • Experience with EventBridge, AppSync and X-Ray
    • Experience migrating legacy to Serverless
    • Sales experience

Further Criteria

    • Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, Computer Science or related subject areas.
    • Written and verbal communication skills
    • Right to work in UK
Work alongside thought leaders with constant experimentation and innovation
Dedicated time to work on open-source and content and encouraged to speak at world conferences
Remote and part time options

There is no closing for this position.