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Our Mission
Trainline is the leading independent rail and coach travel platform selling rail and coach tickets to millions of travellers worldwide.  Via our highly rated website and mobile app, people can seamlessly search, book and manage their journeys all in one place. We bring together millions of routes, fares and journey times from 270+ rail and coach carriers across 45 countries.  We offer our customers the best price for their journey and smart, real time travel information on the go.  Our aim is to make rail and coach travel easier and more accessible, encouraging people to make more environmentally sustainable travel choices.
Technology @ Trainline
Over half of our staff are technologists who are making an impact on how people travel through the use of high-quality software.

At Trainline we have a modern and scalable tech platform that is built for volume and feature growth. Our mission is to find the perfect journey for our customer, and to do it in a fast, intuitive, reliable, and economic way. In a highly dynamic industry and with the ever-changing needs of our users, we must be ready to act, test, and measure quickly, in a way that only extensive and focused use of technology can enable us to. We have the power to revolutionise our customers’ travel experience through technology innovation.

Did you know that Trainline has: 
· 20+ engineering teams
· 400+ software engineers  
· 40+ daily Production deployments
· 600 services
· 96m+ monthly visits

Introducing the Win Team 👋
Win International are a cross-functional team with the mission of helping travelers across Europe get the best travel experience, from finding the best possible journey and fares to giving our customers the peace of mind of a reliable post-sales support. At Trainline we believe in sustainable travel, hence our effort to promote train travel as the greenest travel choice. For that purpose, the Win International team are focused on building industry-first features, relying heavily on our the Data Science team to help us offer functionality that no other company has done before.  We are constantly evolving our product to achieve the most friction-free experience for our users. We love data, so we continuously test our product changes and learn from our users. Trainline the main aggregation product within Europe, so the team work closely with the Train operating companies to keep integrating their innovations into our product.  

As a Senior Ruby Engineer at Trainline, you will...🚄
- Contribute to team goals with creative and effective solutions
- End to end feature development
- Demonstrate strong commitment to delivery, always delivering quality and on time
- Get involved and contribute to strategic discussions
- Play a major part in breaking down project requirements into smaller stories
- Actively identify blockers and time sinks, and actively attempt to remove them
- Make a significant contribution to technical decisions
- Lead knowledge sharing activities and special interest groups
- Mentor others in the team, positively influencing their career progression and development

Our Technology Stack 💻
We use a variety of technologies at Trainline.  In this role you will work with:
- Ruby as our backend language
- PostgreSQL for our database management
- Elasticsearch + Redis
- AWS as our cloud platform
But why should you join?
You will be working in a high performing and collaborative multi-cultural team. We have over 42 nationalities across our 5 offices in London, Paris, Edinburgh, Barcelona and Milan who work closely together. 

We want our people to stretch their minds, abilities, and share their knowledge. Each year we hold The Trainline Tech Summit, which provides Trainliners with an opportunity to stand up and share their story, learnings, or new skills with their colleagues in a safe environment.

We've always paid special attention to flexible working as we value a strong work/life balance. The pandemic has taught us that a balance between remote working and being in a collaborative office environment leads to productive teams.

Our Culture
Coaches Over Heroes
We prioritise the focus on being one team over elevating the heroics of an individual, for us the true heroes are those who are excellent at nurturing, coaching and generous in sharing their knowledge with others.
Everything that we do takes into account the morale of every member of our team, their opportunities for growth and for participation in exciting challenges.
Mentoring and Learning
We have a mentoring community that is constantly growing, we provide people with mentors or buddies from various teams.
We hire awesome people capable of making smart decisions - empowerment is a great enabler of agility. It is within a supportive team that you will feel the strength to thrive and try new things knowing that everyone will be there for you along the way. 

We value open expression at Trainline, we believe it’s the diversity of experience, backgrounds and perspectives of our employees that makes us who we are. We encourage everybody to play a part in changing the way people travel across the world.