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Who we are

Founded in 2013, Thistle is an early-stage food-tech startup empowering our customers to get and stay healthy while improving our food system’s sustainability. We deliver delicious, organic, healthy, plant-forward meals, cold-pressed juices, and snacks to customers on the West Coast at the elusive intersection of convenience, health, and sustainability.

We don’t want to be just another food delivery startup. Our focus is on our customers’ health and happiness, and we are revolutionizing how fresh, nutritious, high-quality food is purchased, manufactured, and delivered at scale. Thistle is headquartered in San Francisco, and we are backed by some amazing investors in the Bay Area and beyond. We are building out a permanently remote engineering team. For now, we are looking for candidates to be based in the US.

About the role

We're looking for a Staff Software Engineer to help build the technology to bring health and happiness to our customers. You’ll work on our consumer web and mobile apps as well as the operations systems that enable us to cook and deliver an ever-growing number of meals every month. You can see a full breakdown of how we define Staff Software Engineers here, but some highlights:
• We expect a Staff Software Engineer to act as a technical leader for the entire engineering team, making decisions that can affect the entire team for years. This can manifest in a number of different ways, but some examples are designing service boundaries and architecture, or selecting a new programming language.
• We expect Staff Software Engineers to deliver organized, reliable, performant, tested code quickly. They keep our code standards high, and raise the quality of everyone else’s code.
• We expect Staff Software Engineers to be adept at addressing technical debt - knowing how much to tackle, when to do it, best way to fix and release, etc.
• We expect Staff Software Engineers to understand the bigger picture. They help the team resolve ambiguity, and can weigh the hard tradeoffs when there is no right or easy answer.

We understand that everyone is going to have strengths and weaknesses with regards to different aspects of being a software engineer. We encourage you to apply even if you feel some of the expectations would be challenging to meet!

Our stack:
Currently, the primary technologies we use are Python, Django, Javascript, React, React Native, Heroku and AWS. While experience with some or all of our stack is appreciated, it is definitely not a prerequisite. 

The application process:
When you apply to be a software engineer, the hiring manager will read your application. We do not have any automated bots filtering out applicants, so no need to stuff your resume with keywords! We are committed to responding to everyone who applies for this role and are targeting our response to candidates within a week. If we think you would make a good addition to our team, our Talent Acquisition Manager or the Engineering Manager will reach out to schedule a time to chat with you.

If both parties want to move forward after the initial call, the next step is a technical interview. All of our technical interviews are centered around real problems that we've already solved here at Thistle - no FizzBuzz or other nonsense! Our technical problems are also language-agnostic, so don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with our stack. You'll be presented with full background information about the technical interview prior to actually scheduling it.

If you and the hiring manager both agree to move forward, the final stage will be a series of panels, about 3-4 hours in length. These panels will allow you to meet a number of team members, and will consist of technical and non-technical questions.

We believe that following this process gives us the best shot at understanding your current skills, strengths, and weaknesses. We are asking you to demonstrate your technical competence as part of the interview, so it’s important to note that we’re agnostic as to how(4 year degree, code school, self-taught, etc) you achieved that skill.

The work

    • Some specific projects you might work on if you were to join today:
    • Working with the entire product team to redesign and improve our new user experience, providing more clarity and education throughout the flow.
    • Collaborate with our operations, finance, data, and growth teams to help refine our predictions to further reduce the amount of food waste, and ensure we always have enough meals on hand to meet our demand.
    • Collaborate with our operations and culinary teams to help improve our product offerings for customers that don’t live in one of our primary metro areas and instead get our product shipped to them.
    • Team up with all of engineering to move our architecture towards a more modern setup using containers, paving the way for us to move closer to a service-oriented architecture instead of a monolith.
Diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential values at Thistle. We know we'll do our best and most impactful work when we feel we're represented and we belong. We're proud to actively recruit and hire talented people from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.  You can get some deeper insight into how we approach DEI, along with some statistics on the internal demographics of the company and leadership team, here: