Senior Analyst, Finance & Corporate Strategy

Los Angeles, CA

This Senior Analyst of Finance & Corporate Strategy reports directly to the Director of Finance and will work closely with the CFO, CEO and other members of the Executive team. This role will be part of the newly formed Business Analysis and Strategy team, whose purpose is to use data, analyses, and business judgement to help the Company and its leaders make more thoughtful financial decisions. While the role will have routine responsibilities, a large component of the work will be project-based. Thus, the role will require juggling multiple multi-month projects at any given period of time. Responsibilities will include: using analyses to help make better business decisions, developing the business plan for additional products & channels, working with business leaders to understand and arrive at accurate drivers for the business, conducting one-off analyses to support various company initiatives, and communicating findings/learnings to key stakeholders (team, execs, Board, etc..) In addition, this role will be pivotal in organizing and presenting financial and operating data, helping to create investor presentations, board decks, and internal company presentations.
This role is meant for pre or post-MBA candidates who have a background in management consulting, investment banking, investment management, or financial/strategic operations.


    • Cross-functional project-based initiatives:  Work with leaders across the organization to help them use data to make better business decisions. Example projects include:
    • What factors affect whether or not a member is likely to renew her membership?
    • How much effort should be spent to retain a trial member who calls in to cancel her membership?
    • How does SKU assortment affect volume within a given product category?
    • How large an opportunity could Private Label become in 1 year? 5 years?
    • How big is the size of a new market, and how should Thrive Market go about trying to penetrate it?
    • What variables have the greatest effect on a Member’s LTV?
    • Developing KPI’s: Leverage learnings to create KPI’s that business leaders can use to help manage their businesses.
    • Reporting:  Work with the Technology and Data Strategy teams to incorporate past results, and create automated reports that highlight KPI’s.
    • Communication: Create presentations that clearly articulate findings and next steps, and communicate those findings to key stakeholders across the Company


    • Completion of a 2 year analyst program at an investment bank, consulting firm, investment fund, and/or demonstrate mastery of the requisite skills that are learned at those organizations
    • Excellent communication skills and able to create compelling presentations and present information to peers and executives alike
    • Outstanding analytical abilities. Successful candidates must be able to: a) get data from inference or a data analytics query, b) analyze data, c) draw conclusions from analyses, and d) organize and present data in a logical manner
    • Creative self-starter with a sense of urgency and persistence, equally comfortable guiding a cross-functional team or rolling up your sleeves to build a model
    • Strong leadership instincts and the ability to manage and influence others, and to work cross-functionally throughout the organization
    • Adaptable and flexible, and want to work for a fast-paced start-up
    • Excellent judgment and maturity coupled with a positive, collaborative attitude
    • MBA or masters degree preferred, but not required