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Ticket Evolution is the silent backbone of the secondary ticketing industry with over $4B in global sports, concert, theatre tickets and more running through our platform at any given time. We develop industry-leading solutions that enable our partners to offer that inventory to their customers while providing the backend real-time execution, clearing & settlement of that inventory across multiple distribution platforms. If you have ever purchased tickets to a game on-line or called a broker for tickets to a sold-out show, chances are that our platform was used somewhere in between. Located in the Gramercy neighborhood of NYC, we are a fun-loving group of techies and event junkies. Come join us!

We are looking for an experienced full stack engineer to join our expanding engineering team. You’ll focus on multiple aspects of the business, including building client facing web applications in addition to internal tools for our operations team. The ideal candidate has proven experience designing and building transactional based web systems. As a key member of this team, you will participate in defining the technical architecture that TEvo will use going into the future. The role will be based out of our New York office.

You will perform the following work functions:

    • As a key member of our engineering team you will develop front-end and back-end services for web-based applications, supporting the functionality around buying and selling event tickets
    • Design, build, and maintain responsive web applications with priority on a positive user experience, multi-browser compatibility, and scalability.
    • Assist in maintaining older projects (Backbone) by working on bug reports, creating new features, and migrating legacy modules to modern frameworks (Node.js and React.js).
    • Develop applications within a microservices ecosystem using React.js and Node.js and other similar technologies used to develop front and back-end services for web-based applications
    • Work with Platforms as a Service such as AWS, Cloud Foundry, OpenShift, etc.
    • Interact with customers and the development team using the Agile software methodology to gather and define the appropriate requirements
    • Develop and maintain technical documentation to assist with software and web application maintenance and upgrades
    • Develop responsive product features in Javascript on both the client and server sides.
    • Contribute to our code base and help ensure that our coding standards and patterns are observed through code reviews and pair programming.

Required Skills:

    • 6+ years of full-stack software development experience in programs of similar scope, type, and complexity; applies concepts, develops, tests, maintains, and supports high-performance, innovative software and web-based applications experience
    • Deep understanding of React, Node.js, and TypeScript with experience in implementing these languages in software development with respect to practices (TDD/CI), paradigms (Functional/OOP), and common design patterns.
    • Deep understanding and usage of CSS concepts, React component libraries, CSS-in-JS, responsive and mobile-first design, and supporting multiple browsers.
    • Experience in integrating new software technologies with existing software and web applications in order to improve the functionality or design of the system.
    • Experience in creating and maintaining Web APIs regarding authentication, JSON, REST,, GraphQL, Swagger, and Web Sockets.
    • Experience with Ruby / Python or similar languages
    • Experience with Rails / Django or similar MVC frameworks
    • Experience with implementing code testing including functional, integration, and unit tests.
    • Proficiency with Object Oriented Design principles and patterns
    • Experience using distributed version control systems, such as Git and GitHub
    • Experience in understanding different integration patterns and their usage during testing
    • Familiarity with reactive extensions and functional programming
    • Experience with Redux or other unidirectional data flow libraries

In a perfect world, you will also have:

    • Experience with Database, SQL, and ORMs
    • You feel at home in a test-driven, agile team
    • Some working experience with open source software
    • Understanding of CSS preprocessors
    • Understanding of styled-components or another CSS-in-JS tool
    • Comfort with server-side templates
    • Understanding of AWS services
    • Familiarity with Docker
    • Proficiency with UNIX/Linux command line
    • Experience with bug tracking software such as Jira
    • Experience and familiarity with Docker
    • Experience with monitoring and alerting tools such as Sentry, ElastAlert and Kibana
    • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or equivalent work experience.
    • React and Node.js are where you are most comfortable, but experience with a different modern Javascript framework would also be considered.

More than just technical skills:

    • Passionate in creating solutions for end-users with quality-focused design and functionality.
    • Self-driven and focused in order to achieve a high level of productivity and turnover of tasks and projects.
    • Upholds an elevated attention to detail to ensure superior solutions are applied in all work.
    • Demonstrates strong problem-solving skills and has a knack for debugging code to find issues.
    • Utilizes excellent communication skills to discuss and plan projects and work and interactions with customers are always positive.
    • Collaborates well within the team to provide feedback on others’ work and integrates well during project work in order to sustain accurate and timely solutions.
    • Keep quality at the forefront of all work that is performed.
    • Use your creative and innovation-driven mindset to articulate engineering design strategies related to scale, performance, security, and usability.
    • Create clean and reusable components to be used across multiple pages and/or projects.

Bringing together the excitement of live events with innovative products and technology, Ticket Evolution is a central piece to a multi-billion dollar industry. We are fans of what we do. Our team is made up of crazy sports fans, theater lovers and frequent concert-goers. The Ticket Evolution culture encourages innovation, continued education, and a happy work-life balance. Come join us at one of our offices located in the heart of Manhattan’s Flatiron District or in scenic Scottsdale, AZ.