Engineering Manager

Stockholm, Sweden
Tictail’s mission is to empower the self-made entrepreneur to build a global brand. The Engineering Manager is responsible for bringing that mission to life by directing the technical development and managing the designated engineering team for one of the main product areas.

At Tictail, we believe that the people best suited to lead and manage engineers are engineers - with two very important additions: they are also people persons and have an interest in management. We try to keep as many functions as possible within teams, and most Engineering Managers at Tictail also write code. Naturally this means they will also manage smaller teams, however it can vary within the company depending on the preferences of the individual.

As an Engineering Manager you will lead a team of two to five people in a specific product or tech area. You will lead recruiting efforts, help individual engineers develop and grow in their career and be a tie-breaker in technical discussions. You will work closely with your team’s product manager to plan and scope projects as well as communicate status with the rest of the tech organisation.

You’ll get to do things like

    • Write code and lead (or participate in) technical discussions.
    • Together with Product Manager plan and structure projects.
    • Attract, retain and nurture great engineers to your team.
    • Encourage a healthy work environment that’s both supportive and challenging.
    • Help engineers develop new skills and advance in their careers.
    • Set goals and do performance reviews with engineers.

The ideal candidate

    • You have several years experience of writing code.
    • You are interested in or have prior experience in management or leadership.
    • You’re excited to help engineers develop new skills and advance their careers.
    • You understand what makes teams successful and what role a manager can play in that process.
If this sounds like you, we’d love to chat! Also, we have a good track record of developing great engineers to excellent Engineering Managers, so don’t be put off if you’re interested in management but are currently working as an engineer.