Front End Engineer

Stockholm, Sweden

Tictail's vision is to remove all the barriers for anyone, anywhere in the world to work with their passion. We believe this is achieved by reiterating over three steps; Remove technical barriers, connect makers and customers, and make shipping instant and seamless. Today Tictail is the home of tens of thousands of shops from all over the world, all accessible via the marketplace connecting them to millions of customers globally.

Frontend at Tictail
Do you get excited about building beautiful and scalable applications that solves real problems? What about coming up with unique solutions to complex design requirements?  How about making sure it's all running at 60fps, keeping memory consumption down and being usable across various platforms?
If these are the kinds of problems that interest you, then we would love to chat.

Day to day

    • Architecting efficient and creative solutions to scale our React applications
    • Collaborating with designers and engineers to develop beautiful interfaces that look great and run smoothly
    • Building internal tools and libraries

Bonus points

    • Experience with React Native
    • Experience with server side Python
    • Javascript tooling experience writing Babel and Webpack plugins
    • Perused our Medium blog
    • Checked out our open sourced components
    • If you have these bonus points, you’ll be shipping full vertical features directly to production

About you

    • Minimum of 4 years experience writing Javascript
    • Attention to detail and “feel”
    • An eye towards performance and responsiveness
    • Experience with React
    • Proficient with ES6
    • Excited about working at a tech startup

If this sounds like you, then we would love to chat!