iOS React Native Engineer

Stockholm, Sweden

Tictail is an online marketplace and home to emerging brands from over 140 countries across the globe. Shopping on the go is becoming more and more popular, and at Tictail the shift to mobile happened very early - the majority of our traffic has come from mobile devices for several years already.

We believe it shouldn’t matter which device or platform you are on when using Tictail. This is why we’ve put great effort in keeping the web, our iOS app and our Android app in sync. It is also why we’re so excited about React Native - being able to reuse code without compromising performance or platform-specific UI guidelines allows us to provide the best Tictail experience to all users even faster.

As an iOS Engineer at Tictail you will work in a small autonomous team together with Android and web engineers to help explore and define how React Native can be part of every product team’s development cycle. In short, you will be working with exciting new technology to build an app that people will depend on and use every day!

You’ll get to do things like

    • Extend and maintain the current Tictail app, both in Swift and Objective-C.
    • Bridge current Objective-C/Swift components with React Native counterparts and extend with tailored components where needed.
    • Explore bleeding-edge technology around React Native.
    • Work closely with product teams to enable other engineers to write functionality for the iOS app.
    • Influence product decisions and designs, if you are interested.

The ideal candidate

    • You write code with others in mind - readability is more important to you than showing off your fancy syntax skills.
    • You have an iOS app on the App Store you’d like to show us, preferably something you’ve built as part of a team (but hobby project is fine too).
    • You have heard about React for web and are interested in learning more.
    • Attention to detail with an eye on performance, you know what is worth optimizing and when.
    • You're a true team player and inherently positive. Where others see problems, you see solutions.

If this sounds like you, we would love to chat!