Intermediate/ Senior Full Stack Engineer - 6 mos. contract (Remote)

San Mateo, CA /
Engineering /
We’re looking for open-minded individuals who want to expand the ways technology can help people. We work fast, collaborate, and celebrate as a team. We’re united by a commitment to shaping Tile’s culture around the needs of our colleagues and customers, and by our desire to build a diverse and welcoming workplace.

Check out our 'Before You Apply' page, to learn more about our Engineering Team!

About Tile Web

The first Tile website was based on Selfstarter and crowdfunded over $2.6 million. Since then, we’ve grown from selling the original Tile to having a family of products, a Premium subscription service, and much more. Now, a significant percentage of Tile’s revenue comes from sales on our site, mainly during the holiday season. The in-house web development team was founded three years ago, helping launch our web app and expanding our marketing and monetization strategies. Over this time, we’ve remained a very small team, and we’re looking to bring on knowledgeable software developers to accelerate Tile’s business models and improve

What you'll be doing

    • Maintaining our existing website, as well as helping drive our move to a new world class e-commerce platform
    • Release features and integrate services across Tile’s entire web presence including website, web app, to support core experiences from ecommerce to Tile Smart Location Platform.
    • Collaborate with product, design, marketing, and customer care teams to improve and revamp web flows such as shopping, subscriptions, account, and beyond through new features, A/B tests, and personalization.
    • Work with modern technologies such as SPAs and containerization and introduce new technologies and tools to continually improve Tile’s web presence.
    • Contribute to a wide variety of areas from styling to API integrations.
    • Take ownership for the entire stack including development, testing, deployment, maintenance, monitoring and troubleshooting of all Tile web-based systems.

How we work

    • Efficient - Agile - We maintain a prioritized backlog for work, have daily  standups, work in 3 week sprints, followed by a retrospective. We expect great communication, organization, and focus.
    • Fast - Continuous Delivery - We automatically deploy to production after each pull request merge, with automated tests.
    • Stable - Code Reviews / Tech Designs - We value robust, linted, and clear code and also have a pair code review process to ensure knowledge is distributed across the team. We lean on happy path, separation of concerns, and functional paradigms.

Our tech stack

    • Frontend - React, Redux, Fela, Webpack, Storybook - We’ve worked to modernize our frontend and adopt tools to let us build great experiences.
    • Backend - Node, Docker, Ansible, Cloudformation, SOA, ECS, AWS - We’ve switched to deploying new services with Node and Docker on top of AWS, and we have a fully automated build. Read more about how we deploy using Infrastructure as Code.
    • Services: Cloudflare, Stripe, Chargebee, Optimizely, Google Analytics, Braze, NetSuite, Twilio, New Relic, Logentries, SpeedCurve and more - We’re integrating with many best-in-class services to power our website. Check out how we’ve used two services to boost our web performance.


    • 4+ years industry experience in Full Stack Web Developing role.
    • Full-stack experience including deployment of own services or apps from the ground up, and integrating services together.
    • Hands-on experience with React, Redux, and Node in production.
    • Understanding of web technologies: HTTP, DNS, REST, Webhooks, SQL.
    • Comfortable with dev tools and processes: Git, PRs, issue tracking, code review.
    • Understanding of cloud and application infrastructure.
    • Familiarity with key web performance concepts such critical rendering path, caching, CDNs, speed index, profiling.
    • Familiarity with monitoring and analytics tools: log management, alerting, Google Analytics.

Within 1 week, you'll

    • Complete our getting started and crash course guides
    • Set up your local dev environment with Docker
    • Join all the Slack channels!
    • Take on a good first issue
    • Participate in tech design and code reviews

Within 2-3 months, you'll

    • Work together on at least one project released to production
    • Understand overview of web systems and key integrations
    • Help debug and triage customer-facing issues
    • Propose ideas for our roadmap
    • Demo your work at our engineering all-hands

Within 9-12 months, you'll

    • Own large features and new integrations in production
    • Improve or introduce tools and technologies and provide training for the team, including outside of engineering
    • Collaborate on defining priorities and have a deep understanding of customer and partner needs
    • Support marketing team on launch day to release any new Tile products on the site
    • Watch sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (our two biggest sales days)

Tile’s Mission

We solve real problems with technology to make people’s daily lives better.

At Tile, we recognize that daily life is challenging. We lead busy lives filled with family, friends, jobs, pets, and other things we love. Balancing this can be demanding, unpredictable and stressful.

We use technology to solve real everyday problems that keep each day running smoothly. People rely on Tile to be a seamless part of their lives whether they are at home or out in the world.

By helping to make daily lives easier, we free people to find their best lives — whatever that means to them. Tile is for everyone, on every platform, everywhere in the world. Tile for life.

About Tile

Tile is best known today for its market-leading Bluetooth finders with over 35 million units sold and ~5M items located daily.  That said, Tile has recently expanded the devices that are findable by its platform by embedding its software into third-party products.  

Over 30 billion Bluetooth devices are shipping over the next 5 years and each of these can be Tile-enabled with a software update. Partnerships have been announced with HP for laptops, leading audio headset OEMs like Bose and SkullCandy, and several others. Tile also has a large portfolio of unannounced OEM partnerships with top brands in many other large verticals (e.g. wearables, bikes, etc.) and is integrating its technology on the Bluetooth chips to make the Tile enablement more seamless for these partners (e.g. Tile has a partnership with Intel for PCs).  

In addition to the OEM and chip partnerships, Tile is scaling its finding network by entering into access point partnerships with companies like Google, Amazon, and Comcast (all announced and ongoing).

From a business model perspective, Tile is shifting the relationship with its customers from a transactional device sale to offering a long-term, high-value service.  Tile introduced its premium service two years ago and has ~400K subscribers today with a specific focus on growing annual recurring revenue.    

We are guided by our company values, which are Start with Trust, Bring It, Build What Matters, Better Together, and Power What’s Next. Recently accredited as a Great Place to Work, we are a high-performing team and our leaders consider themselves to be performance coaches with a primary responsibility of accelerating Tile’s success and that of their teammates. We know that the more our consumers win, the more we win, and we love working with like-minded teammates to do just that. 

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.