Senior Software Architect

New York
Timehop is looking for a Senior Software Architect to join the team and solve a wide range of technical problems. You'll be challenged to build new features on our platform by extending and maintaining our existing backend infrastructure, create new services as needed, and ensure high stability, reliability, and security posture.

Everyday, millions of users come back to Timehop's mobile apps to reminisce. Timehop pulls in all of your memories, from your camera roll, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Photos, and other services to show you what you did and said on this day in history.

Our system serves terabytes of data daily with latency in the low milliseconds to millions of users every day. To achieve that, we've built a platform with Go running atop AWS (Elastic Beanstalk, Aurora RDS, DynamoDB, Kinesis, Lambda, CloudFront, S3, RedShift) among other technologies.

You would be responsible for:
- Implementing highly available systems using Amazon Web Services
- Building performant scalable services (batch processes, push notification systems, API ingestion processes, etc)
- Designing services and the apis that connect them
- Collaborating with our iOS and Android teams on the API for new features
- Work on adding monitoring and metrics to increase visibility into what is happening on our system
- Participating in sprint planning and product planning sessions to create features for our end users
- Ensuring security and compliance across systems and the network
- Participating in code reviews to ensure high quality code
- Planning and executing various monetization features
- Building tools internally to empower the rest of the company

- 6+ years of experience working on distributed systems running web servers and microservices at scale 
- Extensive experience deploying, configuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting Linux/Unix, Nginx, MySQL, and Postgres
- Experience working with AWS (EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, DynamoDB, RedShift)
- Good Working knowledge of Go/GoLang
- Experience working with APIs (OAuth2, JSON, etc)
- Experience with DevOps concepts, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment
- Great written communication and documentation abilities
- Development experience/background

Bonus Points:
- Experience with Docker
- Experience with mobile application development & support
- Active contributor to open source community
- Experience with advertising/ad tech

Some technologies we use:
- AWS 
- EC2
- Elastic Beanstalk
- Kinesis
- Aurora RDS
- DynamoDB
- ElasticSearch
- RedShift
- S3
- CloudFront
- Lambda
- Docker
- PostgreSQL
- Redis
- Github
- CircleCI
- Datadog
- SumoLogic

About Timehop
Timehop created the digital nostalgia category and continues to be THE team reinventing reminiscing for the digital era. We have more "old" photos and content than ever before, yet most of the internet focuses on "new". Timehop has a massive untapped opportunity to build new ways of consuming, storytelling with, and finding meaning in our digital histories.
Our goal is to help billions of people around the world connect with their friends around the past. We collect your scattered digital history from the far corners of the internet – all of your past photos, status updates, tweets, checkins and posts. Then we add context and meaning so that you understand and appreciate your history better. Lastly, we help you tell great stories by making it easy to creatively share and talk about your history.
Each day, twice as many people read Timehop as the NYTimes. And we're backed by $14M in funding from the same investors behind Twitter, Tumblr, and Oculus and approaching permanent profitability.
We look forward to hearing from you!