Backend Engineer

Copenhagen, Denmark
Product & Engineering
Full time
Do you like solving complex problems? Are you not afraid of large code bases? Do you think code that doesn't have tests is by definition legacy code? Then you sound like the person we're looking for to join our backend engineering team.

Tonsser has quickly become the leading app and platform for youth football players, coaches and clubs in the world. Focus has been on building excellent user experiences, resulting in several players already being discovered and given new opportunities through Tonsser.

With our recent Series A funding round, we have never been in a stronger position to take the next big steps toward our ambitious goal of bringing the entire ecosystem together on one platform. We are doing this to create transparency across the football industry.

We would like YOU to be part of Tonsser's future journey, as our new Backend Engineer 🔥

The position

As part of our fast growing football platform, we have many exciting challenges in scaling our backend infrastructure and building new product features for our users. 

You will join the Backend Engineering team of Tonsser, the owner of our API, which is used heavily by our client apps (iOS, Android, React). The Tonsser API is built in Ruby on Rails, where we recently hit 100K LOC, so it's a massive system. The API is mainly hosted on Heroku, but AWS is also utilized for file storage and video transcoding. We use PostgreSQL as our main database, but also extensively use Redis for caching/async jobs and Elasticsearch for search. 

Besides working with the Tonsser API, we have also started exploring new ways to scale the Tonsser backend, by creating a new GraphQL API in Rust. Tonsser also has a huge scraping setup, which is going to be a bigger part of the Core Engineering team in the future. 

We embrace automated testing (TDD) and over 4.000 tests being run every time a new commit is added to our code base. We use CircleCI for our continuous integration pipeline, which allows us to test new changes quickly and deploy to our production environment several times a day.

When making new product features, we work very closely with the product team, so you can have a lot of impact on the features that is being developed. 

Requirements for the ideal candidate

    • You have minimum 3 years of experience working as a Backend Engineer
    • Intimate knowledge of REST, JSON and maybe GraphQL
    • You've built well crafted and scalable APIs using Ruby on Rails or a similar web framework.
    • Experience working with relational databases like PostgreSQL or MySQL
    • Detail-oriented, focusing on writing high quality maintainable code
    • Writing unit and integration tests to ensure that your code is rock solid is a natural part of your workflow
    • Is a team player who strive to improve not only themselves, but everyone around them
    • Values developer productivity by automating as many things possible in your daily workflow

Benefits (we know you want them)

    • Private health care.
    • Free choice of mobile phone, laptop, monitor and other setup that you need.
    • Catered, delicious lunch - every single day at 12:00. Breakfast if you're an early riser. Jaw droppingly amazing cake every thursday.
    • As much soda, coffee, (beers on Fridays) as you can possibly consume.
    • Free bike through Donkey Republic, so you can explore Copenhagen like a true native.
    • Bi-monthly hack days, where anyone with coding skills can hack away and experiment on new frontiers
    • Monthly gaming nights (pizza included), where we geek out over everything from AEII, CS, Fifa, board games, you name it.
    • Friday bars with beers, sound box, games, and just good times.
    • Regular company trips, sometimes deep into the Danish forests, other times to foreign territories.
Engineering at Tonsser

As part of Tonsser’s team of engineers, you’ll be working with a bunch of passionate tech people. We are creative product builders who love to create high quality software using the best tools of the trade.

We're always eager to learn and spend time experimenting and improving our tech skills and have dedicated time to do so through bi-monthly hack days. We also do internal tech talks where team members share knowledge on everything from advanced Elastic search, Git, to exploring new programming languages like Rust.

We use a mix of different programming languages, tools and services to do our jobs. Check out the Tonsser stack on StackShare.

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