Head of Content

Copenhagen, Denmark

Tonsser is looking to add a visionary Head of Content to dominate the new generation of football content. 

With close to 400,000 youth players, Tonsser have built a product that young football players love. Add to that a unique and large data foundation.

Now we're looking for a Head of Content to capitalise on this exciting playground and take the leading role in developing and operating the content strategy. This with heavy focus on creative execution for a variety of channels including the Tonsser app, website, blog, and marketing needs to engage and grow the user base.

The Head of Content will be given freedom and responsibility to carry out visions and projects in collaboration with the strategy, brand, and product teams.

We believe content is king and our new Head of Content can become the prince or princess of engaging football content. Hence the primary focus of this role will be to orchestrate the creation of emotionally engaging, inspiring, and data-driven content and experiences for youth football players and building and leading a team of content creators, community managers, and journalists. All with great relevance and balance to both the entire industry of football and the single user. 
This role requires a top strategic talent combined with a execution mindset that will craft user experiences to move people every day. We are deeply user-centric and the challenges we tackle require bold ideas, creative problem solving, obsession with pursuing perfection and optimism in the face of uncertainty.

What you'll be doing:
- Make Tonsser the #1 app and content provider for football players
- Lead and build the content department
- Drive web, app, and social media roadmap with focus on effective storytelling
- Provide guidance on content strategy with respect for architecting the core website to maximise SEO traffic
- Build a scalable content marketing engine that balances brand, quality, customers needs and acquisition
- Lead the community team to ensure it is maintaining the editorial voice, meets and exceeds our user's expectations, and answers the core questions people have
- Analyse content performance and leverage insights to produce better content
- Develop and maintain brand voice and brand style guide
- Advocate for writing and design that supports the content and the user across the organisation

You will work closely with our CPO on content and branding efforts, and you will directly manage our content team and will try your luck at making Tonsser into a lean, green content- producing machine. You will figure out how to make users come back for more, and more, and more.

This is an incredible opportunity for someone who is looking to make a huge impact within a startup that sits at the intersection of football and tech. 

Your colleagues say you are:

    • An execution machine, with world class standards
    • An optimistic leader
    • An effective storyteller, across platforms (web, app, and social media)
    • Strategist
    • Content marketer
    • Data-driven
    • Entrepreneurial
    • Experienced (6+ years)
    • Growth-driven
    • Understands user behaviour

Your mother says you are:

    • Competitive, but kind
    • Visionary, but still gets things done
    • Dedicated, and sees things through
    • High performer, but always humble

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