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Tonsser is a Danish growth company within the football industry. We are looking for a Frontend developer, who loves making things as beautiful as the design team can imagine and handles data visualisation like a pro. Our Ruby on Rails backend and full stack developer are there support you all the way.

Tech and Product are tightly integrated at Tonsser, meaning that you will work closely with the product team, and your opinion matters. While developing, we will ensure you have plenty of autonomy to carry out your task, while sparring with the rest of the team.

The team is made up of people from around the world, who are smart, eager to learn, adaptive and autonomous. We strive towards craftsmanship in our work. We build what we need, not what we planned. We have a strategy and our goals, but not features set in stone. This leads to a mindset where we aim at solving specific issues, not "just" hit the deadlines.

So if you enjoy shipping something you have brainstormed, architected, built and tested, while always striving to find simple solutions to hard problems. Then you will fit right in!

What is Tonsser?
Tonsser is a leader within youth football. We created a platform where youth football players can share, engage, get motivated, learn, grow as a player and even get signed by clubs. Even now, with youth football just only having been fully active for a short while again, we have already had several hundreds of players at our tryouts and other events, playing in the highly sought after Tonsser jerseys.

And we are eager to do more! We would like to ensure that our Talent ID and Talent growth is even stronger, covering more players, and giving thousands of players each year in every country the opportunity to prove themselves and grow as a player. This is where you can help. Build, imagine, challenge, learn and grow together with us. We promise, it's extremely fulfilling to help create opportunities for kids around the world!

Frontend at Tonsser
The job involves working with the visual side of our current "Discover" product, which is a platform for Scouts, Clubs and Agents to easily spot new talents, via a complete data-driven approach. Discover serves as our way to showcase these players online, complementing the real world showcases we do, but being able to go way broader, while still having a good deept of validated information about each player.

We have more ideas for expanding our web-presence, besides Discover, including website with player cards. But we like to do one thing at the time, and do them well, so Discover will be the initial focus area.

In terms of technology, we would prefer to move towards Hotwire, as this would play nicely with our Ruby on Rails backend, but we are eager to hear your thoughts.

Requirements for the ideal candidate

    • You have minimum 2 years of experience working as a Front-end or Fullstack Engineer
    • An expert in CSS, and able to work with the our design team to make things look magical, while being user friendly.
    • Comfortable with REST, JSON and at least a curiosity into GraphQL
    • Have knowledge or at least interest in latest Rails frontend stack (Webpacker, Hotwire)
    • Detail-oriented, focusing on writing high quality maintainable code
    • Is a team player who strives to improve not only themselves, but everyone around them
    • Values developer productivity by automating as many things possible in your daily workflow
    • Be fluent in english


    • Full time role
    • Location: Copenhagen or remote-first
    • Expected salary: 4.700 EUR --> 6.500 EUR / Month
    • Be part of a company with Multinational DNA. Official language is English but we speak: Danish, Lithuanian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Serbo-Croatian, German, Slovak and Portuguese! 🌍
    • Trip to Paris to watch Tonsser United play, and catch up with teammates ✈️
    • Sweet swag! Tonsser United gear
    • Nice offices in Copenhagen, Paris and Berlin
    • Healthy lunch for the office-goers
    • 100% Work from home flexibility / Remote Friendly 🏡
    • Access to football match tickets
    • Free choice of mobile phone, laptop, monitor and other setup that you need 📱💻
    • Donkey Republic membership, so you can explore Copenhagen / Berlin etc. like a true native 🚲
About Tonsser
Offices in Paris, Berlin and HQ in Copenhagen
Backed by international investors, top level football players and founders of companies like Spotify,, Peakon, Vivino ...

Being part of Tonsser means you're working on something very exciting: Shaping the future of football. Through technology we've seen a way to impact how new talents can be empowered and discovered; we're changing the game of football by placing the power where it belongs: in the hands of the 265 million performers of the sport. For the football players to be in control, they need their own football identity.

That's why we've built an app empowering football players to showcase their achievements and determine their success.

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