Finance Manager

Copenhagen /
Operations /
Full time
Reporting directly to the COO and Management Team.
This role has one goal: To maintain healthy and insightful financial situation of the company.
The role ensures transparent and up to date financial status and helps drive business decisions.

Core Responsibilities:

- Responsible for the day to day financial bookkeeping.
- Manage account payables and receivables.

- Collecting, interpreting and reviewing financial information.
- Own, optimise and run financial opportunities controlling and budget.
- End to end financial reporting to the CEO management board and authorities.
- Assist the leadership team in making strategic decisions based on financial intelligence.
- Modelling and supporting various revenue streams.
- Challenge status quo, processes and seek excellence across the organisation.

Legal & HR
- Equity and warrant scheme management.
- Assistance payroll outside Denmark.

General Expectations:
- Exerience in using analytics to impact decision making.
- The ability to take ownership and drive things to a conclusion.
- Being comfortable in an environment subject to constant change.
- Exerienced in working with various data and reporting platforms.

- Master's degree in Finance, Accounting or Economics.
- Minimum 2 years full time work experience in a key compay-wide finance capacity.
- Diverse experience from such as strategy consulting, venture capital and successful startups.
- Financial reporting.
- Legal accounting related knowledge.
About Tonsser

Team of 35 hungry and kind girls and guys. Offices in Paris, London, Germany and HQ in Copenhagen
Backed by international investors and founders of companies like Spotify,, Peakon, Vivino ...

Working at Tonsser means you're working on something very exciting: Shaping the future of football. Through technology we've seen a way to impact how new talents get discovered; we're changing the game of football by placing the power where it belongs: in the hands of the 265 million performers of the sport. For the football players to be in control, they need their own football identity. That's why we've built an app empowering football players to showcase their achievements and determine their success.

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